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Botany & Plant Pathology

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A shaved ice machine sprinkles snow over young arabidopsis plants to freeze the whole plant at once.

The perks and pitfalls of ‘plastic’ plants

Arabidopis flower

The Keys to Unlocking Plant Reproductive Behavior

Awardees of the TEAMS Award Pictured in Pfendler

The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment, a 100-year study, receives the Purdue Agriculture 2023 TEAM Award

People viewing research poster

2023 BPP Research Showcase

Julia Peterson in the mesas of Arizona.

Finding beauty in the mess—the perspective of a botany and art double major

Field with tar spot

Fighting Tar Spot, A New Foe for Farmers

Close Up of Tomato Seedlings in Science Carrier

Tomatoes in spaceflight: A giant leap for human (and plant) kind

plantago plant in greenhouse

Science IRL Features Agronomy Research on Plantago

path down to Lake Michigan at the Indiana Dunes

Breakthrough Research Award given to Dr. Roland Wilhelm and Team

Denise Caldwell

Denise Caldwell - Graduate Ag Research Spotlight

Cade Kane

Following up with a Fulbright scholar: Cade Kane

Morgan Murph, teaching a child to garden.

Growing opportunities for new generations

Student Baylee Riester amongst the ferns and horsetails of the Botany Lily Greenhouses

Cultivating the Future: Sidney Bunch, Baylee Riester and Levi Berry

Photos from hospital in Kenya with Purdue Botany Student

Botany student promotes women's health education in Kenya

photo of organizer introducing meeting

75th Annual NC APS Meeting


Native American Educational and Cultural Center (NAECC) collaborates with Purdue Student Farm to continue Three Sisters garden

Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab at Purdue University

Purdue’s Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab a valuable tool in monitoring and treatment

Emma Tate

Student-athlete runs into a career in plants

Purdue Field Day participants listen and learn from Purdue Botany and Plant Pathology experts.

Cutting-edge weed research tour and info sessions offered at Purdue Weed Science Field Day

Janna Beckerman in her office

Visionaries: Liberal arts are what make us human

Janna Beckerman in an apple orchard

Visionaries: A lot of little science done well

Janna Beckerman

Visionaries: Effective management keeps farmers in business

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