The Purdue Hemp Team is composed of faculty, Extension educators, and farm professionals that provide research-based information to produce hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in the 21st century. Our goal is to share resources and information with current and prospective hemp growers. We seek to use our team’s years of experience to aid in the continual development of a viable hemp industry in Indiana and throughout the Midwest.


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New Hemp Extension Publication

New Hemp Extension Publication

Bright green corn earworm caterpillar is feeding on hemp leaves.
Pest Management of Hemp

Researchers surveyed hemp growers to better understand production barriers, prevalent pests, and management strategies. This information benefits both growers and policymakers by providing guidance and perspective about pest management.

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hemp plant

Purdue Hemp Project provides research-based information to aid in the development of hemp as an...

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A field of grain hemp.

Learn about hemp production in Indiana and throughout the Midwest.

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A dried hemp bud from a hemp plant grown for cannabinoids.

Learn about hemp processing methods for grain, fiber, and cannabinoid hemp.

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Hemp with a corn earworm larva.
Insect, Disease, and Weed Pests

Learn about common insects, diseases, and weeds found in the Midwest and integrated pest...

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Hemp products in a glass jar.
THC testing data

Results from statewide THC testing of hemp. Information about the Midwest Cannabinoid Database,...

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group of people receiving a training outdoors in a farm
Course available

The Hemp Essentials is a self-paced, 100% online course for prospective growers or anyone looking...

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Hemp Grower Spotlights

Natascha Neptune in hemp field.
Hemp Grower Spotlight: Natascha Neptune

Natascha Neptune is the CEO and founder of Citadel Green Mountain, a hemp farm based in the...

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Halsemas at their hemp farm
Hemp Grower Spotlight: Mike and Leslie Halsema

Mike and Leslie Halsema are the owners of Halsema Hemp Farms in Clarks Hill, Indiana. Halsema...

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The Kidwells stand in a greenhouse at their hemp farm.
Hemp Grower Spotlight: Jason and Rachel Kidwell

Jason and Rachel Kidwell operate Lewis Organics, a USDA-certified organic hemp farm. Lewis...

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Do you have questions about hemp licensing? Need more information about regulations in Indiana?

The Office of Indiana State Chemist website has current information about hemp rules, regulations, and licensing for current and prospective growers.

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