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Ron Coolbaugh

Botany and Plant Pathology 

  • Emeritus Professor

Awards & Honors

(2008) Inductee, Purdue Book of Great Teachers. Purdue Book of Great Teachers.

Selected Publications

Varadarajan, J., Guilleminot, J., Saint-Jore-Dupas, C., Piegu, B., Chaboute, M., Gomord, V., . . . Delorme, V. (2010). ATR3 encodes a diflavin reductase essential for Arabidopsis embryo development. New Phytologist, 187, 67-82.

Coolbaugh, R., & Nicholson, R. (2002). Molecular characterization and in silico expression analysis of a chalcone synthase gene family in Sorghum vicolor. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 61, 179-188.

Coolbaugh, R., Watson, C., Froehlich, J., Josefsson, C., Chapple, C., Durst, F., & Benveniste, I. (in press). Localization of CYP26B1 in outer envelope of chloroplasts. Plant and Cell Physiology.