Stories of Change

Climate change is personal, affecting each of us in unique ways. From our hobbies to our livelihoods, a warming world matters. Through this series we will explore what climate change means in the day-to-day lives of Hoosiers, and those living around the world.

Stories from The Hoosier State

Climate + Birds

A warming climate is altering the migration patterns of Midwestern birds. Wildlife ecologist and life-long bird watcher Barny Dunning shares his thoughts on the changes he’s seen over the last 20 years in Indiana.

Climate + Youth

Student and youth organizer Iris O'Donnell Bellisario explains why she's passionate about fighting climate change and the unique ways she's spreading awareness about this important topic.

Climate + Soil

According to third-generation farmer Chris Mulkey, rainfall is on the rise and threatening his most precious resource, the soil. Mulkey shares what he's doing to leave this land in better shape for his kids, and their kids.

Climate + Faith

For Carla Kilgore, simple living is a tenet of her faith that directly translates into caring for our environment and neighbors. In her household, this means taking steps to reduce their own contributions to climate change.

Climate + Cities

With a commitment to incorporating sustainable urban planning and climate resilience into all aspects of city life, Mayor Jim Brainard has earned a national reputation for leading efforts against climate change.

Stories from Purdue Alumni

Climate + Entrepreneurship

Engineer Priscilla Johnson, has spent her career fighting for the environment. Now she’s applying that knowledge to her own line of eco-friendly products while inspiring the next generation of eco-warriors.

Climate + Carbon

As CEO of Partners in Sustainability Integration consulting group, Purdue Alumni John Wind is helping companies become greener and more resilient while maintaining profitability.

Climate + Resilience

Purdue alumna Tiffany Wise-West is the sustainability and climate action manager for the City of Santa Cruz, California. In this unique role, she has an opportunity to fuse her passion for engineering with climate resiliency.

Climate + Parks

Purdue alumna Novem Auyeung is a senior research scientist for the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation where she is taking a holistic approach to protecting NYC parks from a changing climate.

Stories from around the world

Climate + Niger

Existing economic and environmental vulnerabilities are putting Niger at great risk to the added stress of a changing climate. This photo essay from researcher Kayenat Kabir shows how climate change has the potential to shift the entire country's economic DNA.