A Cascade event site allows you to create, schedule, and share an upcoming event in many ways. This event site makes up one of the three core sites of any Ag or Extension Cascade build.

To add an event:

  • Login to Cascade
  • Choose either the Ag-Events or Extension-Events site and the sub-folder (county, department, or program)
  • Click Add Content > Event
  • Choose the monthly (or recurring) sub-folder you want to create an event within.
  • Use the event's form and fill-in, edit, and choose the options you need and want.
    Note 1: You must create your event in the same folder you date reference in the event's form.
    Note 2: Cascade requires the monthly sub-folders to function and index properly. Renaming folders will break this process.
    Note 3: A repeating event is not the same as a recurring event (see below).

To add a recurring event:

Unlike an event (or repeating event) a recurring event is for various dates and times that a repeating event would not support. A recurring event requires these steps:

  • Login to Cascade
  • Choose either the Ag-Events or Extension-Events site and the sub-folder (county, department, or program)
  • Click Add Content > Recurring Event
  • Choose the year's recurring sub-folder you want to create a event within.
    Note 1: You cannot copy or a standard event into the recurring folder as it will not work.

Event Example


Event FORM Example

event page example




Q: What block can I use to list events on a page?
A: The Events Listing can be used to place events on a page. Learn more here.

Q: What does the form's feature event option do?
A: If selected "Yes" it will include a query for the most three recent "Featured" events that are then displayed at the top of the event index page for that Events sub-site's /index page.

Q: What are the numbered filter options?
A: This filter listing reference is located here.

Q: What is an events block? How do I edit it? Please contact the web team to edit this.
A: A handbuilt block used to filter content by (tags or category listing page) that helps display events on a site page. Please contact the web team to edit this.

Q: How long does it take for a published event to show up on the live site?
A: ITAP publishes our Cascade sites on a top-of-the-hour and every 15-minute after cycle. For example, 9 am and then again at 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45. Additionally, all submitted items and all sites publish every morning between midnight a 3 am.

Q: How do I add a new year of events?
A: Follow these steps:

  • Login and navigate to your event site's primary folder (example department or county) which contains your current year folders
  • Choose the + Add Content to access the Asset Factories
  • Choose the Year-Month Event Folders Asset Factory
  • Title the folder the year you need (example 2023)

Q: How do I add an image to a WYSWIG block and align it?
A: This video explains how to add an image using the WYSIWYG block editor. If you have issues aligning the image in the WYSIWYG block editor do this: add your image, add a caption, then use the align-left-middle-or-right via the paragraph alignment option buttons in the WYSIWYG menu.

Q: Can I schedule an event to archive?
A: Yes. Learn more here.