The Purdue Agronomy Extension partners with the Midwest Cover Crops Council (MCCC) to help pull together the best resources and guides available related to establishing cover crops, and provide support where it is needed most. The MCCC seeks to significantly increase the amount of continuous living cover on the Upper Midwestern agricultural landscape.

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Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide | ID-433

The updated and expanded edition of this popular, 206-page guide includes nearly 40 pages of new material, including cover crop suggestions for common rotations, up-and-coming cover crop species, effects on yields, climate considerations and more.


Producers who want to prevent soil erosion, improve nutrient cycling, sustain their soils, and protect the environment have been returning to a very old practice: planting cover crops.

Although farmers have been using cover crops for centuries, today's producers are part of a generation that has little experience with them. As they rediscover the role that cover crops can play in sustainable farming systems, many growers find they lack the experience and information necessary to take advantage of all the potential benefits cover crops can offer. That inexperience can lead to costly mistakes.
This guide will help you effectively select, grow, and use cover crops in your farming systems. While this guide isn't the final word on cover crops, it is meant to be a useful reference.


December 2021


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Selecting & Establishing Cover Crops