2021 Winter Test

The 89th IBEP Bull Sale went very well. Of 90 bulls offered, 89 sold for an average of $4,666. There is a summary of breed averages and prices for individual bulls.


Bulls were weighed on-test on May 16 and 17. The delivery and on-test report is available.

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The Test Station page now has aerial photos of FPAC and the IBEP test station.
Two videos have been added to the IBEP Videos section of the FAQ page:  one about structural soundness of bulls, and one describing what the screening committee looks for when evaluating bulls.

Schedule for 2021-2022 Tests (2021 Winter and 2022 Summer Tests)
Purdue Agriculture's photographer Tom Campbell visited FPAC and the IBEP test station on the 28-day weigh day (6/18/19). Check out the photos and story: "A Day on the Farm (Part II)"
FPAC celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. The Summer 2014 issue of Purdue Agricultures magazine had a feature article about FPAC's Century of Service to southern Indiana producers, including IBEP. There's also a video.

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