asparagus diseases

Cercospora blight

Cercospora blight Figure 1. Cercospora blight of asparagus. At a distance, symptoms manifest themselves as chlorotic ferns.
Cercospora blight Figure 2. Cercospora blight of asparagus. Note sunken roughly oval or round lesions. Close observations will reveal sporulation in the lesions.
Cercospora blight Figure 3. Cercospora blight of asparagus.

Purple spot of Asparagus

Purple spot Figure 1. Purple spot of asparagus. The lesions of this aptly named disease may be sunken.
Purple spot Figure 2. Purple spot of asparagus.
purple spot of asparagus Figure 3. Purple spot of asparagus.

Rust of Asparagus

rust of asparagus Figure 1. Rust of asparagus.
rust of asparagus Figure 2. Rust of asparagus. Note erumpent pustules on stem.