What does a hellbender look like? Take the id quiz

Coloring page with hellbender swimming.

The Help the Hellbender team have several resources to help you identify and learn why our hellbenders are declining.

Hellbender ID Quiz

Photo of hellbender brochure that you can request.

Eastern Hellbender - North America's Giant Salamander Brochure (Sample)

In this 8 page brochure you will learn how to identify a hellbender, learn about their natural history and ecology, and ways you can help with conservation efforts. To request the brochure with no cost to you view Request Hellbender Brochure.





Hellbender Crosswords
Clean Water Crossword (pdf)
Hellbender Crossword (pdf)
Watershed Crossword (pdf)

Hellbender Word Search.
Clean Water Word Search (pdf)
Hellbender Name Word Search <pdf)
Watershed Word Search (pdf)

Coloring Pages

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Coloring page of hellbender on rock
Coloring page of hellbender life cycle.
Coloring page of hellburner under rock.
Coloring page with hellbender showing five toes.
Coloring page with hellbender and baby.
Coloring page of hellbender holding sign, help the hellbender.
Coloring page titled what differences do you see.