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Herby the Hellbender with children in classroom.
FNR-573-W Publication Adaptations for Aquatic Amphibians.

Teachers can play a vital role in teaching youth about hellbenders, water quality, and watershed protection.  This website provides a rich content of lesson plans, classroom posters, activities and stickers. 

There are many ways to integrate watershed management, water quality enhancement, and helping hellbenders into your classroom activities. The following lesson plans are directly aligned with many state standards and ready to use in the classroom.

Child holding a hellbender.Hellbender Lesson Plans:
Watershed Lesson Plans:
Water Quality Lesson Plans:

Don't miss the videos in our Help the Hellbender YouTube playlist and our "A Moment in the Wild" series. You will find videos for kids, teachers, natural resource leaders or enthusiasts that share all about hellbenders, smaller salamanders, rock stacking, snakes, frogs, wetlands and much more.

The Help the Hellbender team have several resources to help you identify and learn why our hellbenders are declining.

If you would like the Help the Hellbender Team to come to your area and give a presentation contact Dr. Rod Williams, rodw@purdue.edu.


Coloring Pages

Click on the coloring page for a free pdf download, print and color.

Coloring page of hellbender on rock
Coloring page of a hellbender swimming.
Coloring page of a hellbender.
Coloring page of hellbender life cycle.
Coloring page of hellburner under rock.
Coloring page with hellbender curled up.
Coloring page with hellbender and baby.
Coloring page of hellbender holding sign, help the hellbender.
Coloring page of a hellbender and a mud puppy titled what differences do you see.

Coloring Book

Click on this 6 page coloring book with maze game, free pdf download, print, staple, trim and color.

Help the Hellbender coloring book cover.

Hellbender Havoc Game Logo.Help Herbie thrive by navigating the river, eating crawfish, and avoiding natural and man-made hazards. Learn about the lifecycle and preservation of the Hellbender Salamander, North America’s largest salamander.

Nature of Teaching now has photos and sounds: Amphibians: Frogs, Toads and Salamanders.