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Everyone c​an do something to Help the Hellbender. On this website, you will find information about the hellbender, as well as household and farm management practices that can help keep our rivers and streams clean. People who fish and kayak can also learn what they should do if they see a hellbender in the wild.

The Help the Hellbender Project is a joint project involving partners from across the country. More information​ about our partners can be found by visiting: Project Partners.

Contact us with any questions, requests for presentations, requests for resources and your suggestions.

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Featured Video

Featured Video

Hellbender eggs in tank, Help the Hellbender conservation.
Hellbender Virtual Tour
Learn About Hellbenders
Map of partners.
Eastern Hellbender salamander
Local Brewery Creates Beer to Help the Hellbender

Lafayette Brewing Company will donate $1 of each purchase of a pint of its newly brewed Hellbent...

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Adult hellbender laying on rocks
Hellbender Research Featured in New Documentary

Dr. Rod Williams' hellbender research, the Purdue rearing lab and more than 12 years of the...

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Hellbender being held in captivity for health check.
FNR Assists in First Natural Breeding of Eastern Hellbender in Captivity

Oct. 7, 2020, was a historic day at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden as a nest full of eggs...

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Hellbender eggs in tank, Help the Hellbender conservation efforts.
Hellbender Virtual Tour

Learn about Hellbenders, how you can help protect aquatic wildlife, and listen in as our Purdue...

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Transporting hellbenders in river.
Purdue Releases Endangered Hellbenders to Help Save Population and Improve Nationwide Husbandry Techniques

On November 1st and 2nd of this year, Purdue FNR’s Williams lab released 80, 4-year old...

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Dr. Rod Williams with tank that has juvenile hellbenders.
Helping the hellbender: Mesker Park Zoo begins captive breeding efforts

When people think of endangered species, the giant panda or mountain gorilla often come to mind....

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