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This page contains an Educational Unit developed for The Nature of Teaching program. The unit contains one or more lesson plans that contain Common Core English/Language Arts, Math, and Next Generation Science Standards. Many lessons are currently in Indiana Academic Standards. The PDFs are links to supplemental materials. Most lessons are K-5, but some include middle school and high school standards, and many can be scaled up.

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Unit 1 Benefits of Connecing with Nature

This unit teaches students the relationship between outdoor experiences and mental health. It contains four lessons which meet several English/Language Arts and Health and Wellness Academic Standards and one Science Academic Standard.

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The Education Store, Purdue Extension's resource center, has curriculum, activities and publications for teachers, instructors and families who love the outdoors.

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Extension - Health & Human Sciences
Check out resources available on the Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences website. HHS brings university information to the local level and help people strengthen families, spend smart, eat right, and live well.

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