Informal Curriculum

The Nature of Teaching informal curriculum is not standards-based and is more activity-focused than the formal curriculum. It was designed for nonformal educators who work in places like nature centers and host field days and 4-H clubs. The curriculum includes five 20-30 minute lessons that correspond with the nature-based curriculum topics of wildlife, mental health, nutrition, and physical activity.

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Hummingbird at feeder.
Unit 1 Chirp Chip Station

Families will observe a demonstration of how to make a bird feeder. Families can also spend some time watching birds at a feeder already established and identify common birds.

Teacher with students in garden.
Unit 2 Gardening Station

Families will learn together about where their food comes from. Families will connect with nature as they learn about how their food grows and may even result in trying new foods once harvested.

Trees in forest.
Unit 3 Tree Talk Station

Families will learn together about the trees in their environment. Learning about trees will support curiosity and interest in nature encouraging families to spend time together discovering nature while gaining the benefits of better health of spending time in nature.

Gray tree frog.
Unit 4 Wildlife Station

Youth and families explore basic survival needs of humans and wildlife by drawing their own homes and neighborhoods. The awareness game is fun to play as a family to help build neural networks while using natural objects and getting outdoors.

Kids pointing at animal print in forest ground.
Unit 5 Let's Go Outside Station

Families will learn together about the benefits of outside activities. Includes family activities as they learn about nature.

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