Bee Campus


To teach the Purdue campus and community about the importance of pollinator gardens and achieve an accredited Bee Campus USA certification through service-learning activities and garden maintenance.

Community Project Partner:

Brooke Sammons, Landscape Architect II - Purdue Facilities

Team Members

» Emma Turk

» Cody Dateno

» Eva Curtis

» Bella Foster

» Zhangyue Zhu


Pollinators, including bees, butterflies, bats, and birds, play a crucial role in fertilizing plants, with over 75% of flowering plants and 35% of global food crops relying on them. However, insect pollinators have been experiencing declines in diversity and population due to factors like habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change. Understanding the ecological relationships between plants and pollinators is essential for effective conservation and management, emphasizing the need to consider individual species' requirements and broader ecological contexts. Our project aims to develop initiatives and planning efforts through native conservation, education, and outreach. Therefore, the goal of the bee campus group is to redesign the First Street Towers’ Garden, the Entomology Statue Garden, and the Whistler Hall Pollinator Garden at Purdue University to enhance the ecosystem services for pollinators and to gain a Bee Campus Accreditation for Purdue. Additionally, to create educational materials for the bee committee's sessions and maintain an updated inventory of plants in targeted gardens to assist facilities in choosing suitable additions. Based on our findings, we recommended utilizing plants that improve pollinator populations and local ecosystem biodiversity for Purdue Facilities/Grounds i.e., native plants as the default for any landscape. This could mean the potential use of a non-native plant if it does not harm the other plants within the vicinity if it can survive in our hardy range, and if it is beneficial.



  1. Infographics / Fact Sheets
    1. How to Avoid Being Stung by an Insect
    2. Welcome to the Hive of Information
    3. Targeted Invasives Watchlist for Midwest
    4. The Lowdown on Bees
    5. Types of Pollinators
    6. Native Plants
    7. Pollinator Conservation Practices
    8. Bee Campus Logo
    9. Whistler Hall Garden Signage
    10. 1st Street Garden Signage
    11. Entomology Garden Signage
    12. Bee Campus Signage
    13. What are Invasives
    14. Maintenance Sheets
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  3. Bee Campus Club
    1. Bee Campus Club Constitution
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  4. Proposed Redesigns
    1. Whistler Pollinator Garden
    2. 1st Street Garden
    3. Entomology Garden
  5. Excel Inventory
    1. Current Plants in Gardens
    2. Plants that can be used in gardens in case substitutions are needed