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The NRES Staff is here to help you plan a successful journey while you are at Purdue.

Meet the NRES Staff

Prospective Students

Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES)

  • NRES is a unique and exciting major for students who want to contribute to environmental change in the world. It’s an applied, science-based program that focuses on environmental management, policy and science.
  • NRES students take core courses in soil science, atmospheric science, environmental impact analysis, ecology, and environmental policy. Many then add courses in conservation, environmental engineering, sustainability, and economics to broaden their technical background.
  • One-on-one advising is key to success in NRES. With guidance from your advisor, you will design a plan of study in one of six interdisciplinary concentrations.

Climate and energy solutions
Evaluation of climate impacts, adaptation and mitigation and alternative energy solutions.
Environmental quality and restoration
Evaluation, remediation, restoration and preservation of air, water and soil resources.
Environmental policy and analysis
Focus on policy, management and economics to address environmental challenges through regulations, compliance and sustainability.
Sustainability science
Approaches to minimize the depletion of natural resources in agriculture, industry and other sectors in order to balance environmental, social and economic considerations.
Watershed management
Engage and educate stakeholders to implement land use and water management practices to protect and improve water quality and natural resources within a watershed in a holistic manner.
Emerging environmental challenges
Flexible option to customize your major to address a new interdisciplinary environmental issue that is not addressed by existing majors on campus.
To see the most up to date requirements, please view the university’s catalog here

The NRES degree

The Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Science requires 120 credits. This is an average of 15 credits for eight semesters. Students majoring in NRES must meet university and College of Agriculture core requirements as well as NRES requirements. 

College of Agriculture Requirements
  • Core classes that are common to most majors in the college. They are broadly divided into math and science courses, written and oral communication, and humanities and social science courses. Every student in the college is required to complete an approved capstone course or experience.
NRES Requirements
  • In addition to the College of Agriculture requirements, students must complete the NRES core (28-29 credits).
  • The NRES core lays a foundation for further study by including courses on wide-ranging topics such as organic chemistry, ecology, soil science, meteorology, environmental economics, and environmental policy, to name just a few.
  • All NRES students will have hands-on education in environmental field skills including GIS.
  • Additional science selectives (7-10 credits)
  • Your NRES concentration (21 credits)
  • You choose one of the six concentrations at the heart of the NRES curriculum and work with an academic advisor to add the upper-level courses that fit your area of specialization after your first two years of study. NRES majors have many choices!
  • Unrestricted electives (12-16 credits)
  • The unrestricted electives allow you to add a second major or minor, take more courses in your NRES concentration, or complete certification courses or additional environmental science courses. They also give you the flexibility to participate in activities like Band or ROTC or in study abroad.

NRES Provides Abundant Career Choices and Opportunities 

We are in an era of major concern for our environment with 'going green' movements, sustainability, alternative energy research, and the growth of environmental policy in the United States. As concern for our environment grows, opportunities for NRES graduates increase in state and federal agencies and private businesses involved in control technology, environmental compliance, waste minimization, environmental health and safety, remediation of contaminated sites, environmental law, and reclamation and remediation of disturbed lands.

Areas of Employment

  • Business and Industry
  • Non-Profits
  • Governmental Agencies

Career Opportunities

Job Board

Possible Career Choices

  • Environmental Consultant
  • Wetland Scientist
  • Field Chemist
  • Hydrologist
  • Resource Economist
  • Industrial Compliance Specialist
  • Urban Project Coordinator
  • Species Conservationist
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Environmental Planner
  • Radiation Safety Manager
  • Soil Conservationist

Continued Education

  • Environmental Law
  • Education / Outreach
  • Research

The College of Agriculture has several scholarships available for prospective students as well as students currently enrolled in the college. The College of Agriculture awards over $2.5 million in scholarships each year to the undergraduate students in the college, made possible by the generous support of our Alumni and Friends. The College of Agriculture is well known and invites applications from students who participated in FFA and 4-H.  The college also encourages applications from students of all backgrounds and experiences who can demonstrate scholastic excellence, civic or citizenship engagement, and character and leadership development. 

Scholarship Informaiton

Throughout the application process, and well into your academic career at Purdue, we anticipate that you will have questions regarding tuition, fees, and financial aid. The NRES office cannot address these questions. Please refer to the links below for questions or concerns of this nature.

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