Keith A. Cherkauer

Current Teaching and Expertise
I currently teach ABE 32500 - Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, a course designed for undergraduate and dual-level students. My expertise is most pronounced in the area of Watershed Management, where I feel exceptionally confident discussing course material, career opportunities, and the broader field.

Career Guidance and Interests
I am well-equipped to provide insights and guidance on careers as a Soil and Water Conservation Engineer, Environmental Engineer, and Environmental Consultant. My professional and academic journey allows me to offer valuable advice to those interested in these paths.

Research Focus
My research centers on understanding the impact of environmental changes on water resource availability. This exploration is carried out through long-term observations, the use of sensors, remote sensing technology, and modeling techniques. My work aims to make these complex topics accessible to individuals without a technical background in the field.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
I am committed to engaging undergraduates in research projects, offering both paid positions and research credit opportunities. Students involved in my projects gain hands-on experience in a variety of tasks. These include setting up and managing field sites, collecting and analyzing samples, working with remote sensing imagery and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and developing web-based tools and websites. This practical experience is invaluable for students looking to deepen their understanding and enhance their skills in the field.

Research Lab
Members of the purdue hydrologic impacts group conduct research on the hydrologic impacts of environmental change at a range of scales, through the use of in-situ data collection, remote sensing and hydrologic models. this page lists current and past research projects.

PHIG Research