Purdue launches new AI-based global forest mapping project

by Steve Koppes, Purdue Agricutlure News, January 25, 2023


First-of-its-kind estimate of the total number of tree species

Elizabeth K. Gardner

Earth’s hidden tree-microbe network mapped for the first time ever

by Shreya DasguptaMay 27, 2019

Analysis of global tree population explains baffling trends in species richness

by Steve Koppes, Purdue Agricutlure News, August 9, 2022

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With a Little Help From My Friends – Mapping Microbial Symbioses

May 16, 2019 | Original story by Taylor Kubota for Stanford University.

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A global map to understand changing forests

by Brian Wallheimer, Purdue University, May 16, 2019

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Mapping microbial symbioses in forests

by Stanford University, May 15, 2019

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