Food Safety Human Factor Lab

Innovative Research on Social Implications of Food Safety


Dr. Feng is dedicated to the research and extension of human factors in the safety of food. She uses interdisciplinary tools to identify and evaluate factors that result in behavioral change among food workers and consumers, and develops food safety education interventions targeting behavioral change to increase food safety practice compliance. She is also interested in public perception of safety-enhancing food processing technologies and designing culturally-tailored communication interventions to increase consumer acceptance.

October 29th, Dole Fresh Recall

On October 29th, 2021, Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. announced a voluntary recall for several cases of garden salad resulting from a possible health risk of Listeria monocytogenes. No illnesses linked to the cases have been reported, but the recall stems from a single sample of garden salad testing positive in a random sampling performed by the Department of…


“Back to the Buffet: Food Safety in a post-COVID World.”

For our neighbors up north, the Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated on the second Monday of October. In 2021, Canadian Thanksgiving fell on October 11. In light of many friends and family gathering around the dinner table to feast on all our fall favorites, the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada is hosting its 18th annual and 2nd virtual symposium, “Back to the Buffet: Food Safety in a post-COVID World.” The sessions will cover topics from food safety challenges…


Pandemic Response and Safety Grant Program – Applications due November 22

The Pandemic Response and Safety (PRS) Grant Program provides funding to help small specialty crop producers, food processors, manufacturers, distributors and farmers markets recover costs incurred responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, including for measures to protect workers. This program is authorized and funded under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (Pub. L. No. 116—260). The minimum…


Lab Trip to Wea Creek Orchard

To kick start the new school year, the members of Dr. Feng’s lab visited the Wea Creek Orchard in Lafayette, Indiana to come together for the first time after a long summer break. The Wea Creek Orchard had a variety of apples to pick from Golden Delicious to Fuji to Red Jonathans and many more. Also, the lab was fortunate to pick some of the last peaches of the season. And so, each person was…


October 20, Whole, Fresh Onion Recall

On October 20, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported an ongoing investigation of outbreaks of Salmonella Oranienburg infections linked to whole, fresh onions. The FDA identified ProSource Produce, LLC (also known as ProSource Inc) of Hailey, Idaho and Keeler Family Farms of Deming, New Mexico as supplied of…


October 8, Seafood Recall

On October 8, 2021, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported a Salmonella outbreak linked to seafood distributed to restaurants and grocery stores in Colorado. The seafood types include Haddock, Monkfish, Bone-in Trout, Grouper, Red Snapper, Red Rock Cod, Ocean Perch, Pacific Cod, Halibut, Coho Salmon, Atlantic Salmon Portions, Lane Snapper, Tilapia, All Natural Salmon Fillet, Pacific Sole,…


October 12, Soy and Bean Sprout Recall

On October 5th, 2021, Fullei Fresh announced a voluntary recall for both their bean sprouts and soy sprouts because of possible contamination with Listeria Monocytogenes. This is a voluntary recall done out of precaution, and other products are not considered at risk due to separate growth and processing departments for each product. Both the organic and conventional versions of…


October 2, 2021 Lobster Recall

On October 2nd, 2021, The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) as well as Greenhead Lobster Products announced the recall of 5749lbs of frozen cooked lobster meat due to contamination concerns related to Listeria monocytogenes. The concerns stem from detection of Listeria during a routine sampling. The recall was issued in abundance of caution due to potential for contamination. This is…


March 29th, 2021 Hummus Recall

On March 29th, 2021 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a recall involving Sabra Dipping Company. They are recalling their 2,100 cases of their Classic Hummus because it can potentially be contaminated with salmonella. Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can cause serious infection in individuals with compromised immune systems like pregnant women,…