Planning Your International Experience

Participating in a program that allows an international experience offers extension professionals tremendous learning opportunities. This experience carries with it a responsibility to incorporate into on-going programs an international component or element which will assist current clientele in better understanding global interdependencies. The experience also prepares the extension professional to utilize experiences to reach out to people from other cultures who can benefit from extension’s programming offerings. This unit provides a starting point for those interested in an international experience which may take them outside the borders of the U.S. or may build on the opportunity to host international visitors or students. It can provide useful background information and references for those who have not traveled or worked internationally and wish to pursue future opportunities.

Module Eight is designed as a set of reference materials for Extension professionals to use to increase their own understanding of Internationalizing. They are examples of materials developed and drawn from numerous sources and additional links that will be helpful to an Extension professional seeking additional background. 

Overview of Module

Unit 1: Planning for International Experiences

Handout 1: Global Education: What Is It? Why Should You Care?

Handout 2: Sharing Your Overseas Experience

Handout 3: Guidelines for Extension Professionals Organizing Out-Of-Country Programs for Clientele

Handout 4: Pursuing International Opportunities

Unit 2: Framing Your International Experiences

Handout 1: Global Interdependence in Agriculture

Handout 2: Promoting American Engagement

Unit 3: Globalizing Without Leaving Home