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Services Provided in IPIA

Services Provided in IPIA​​

Linda Vallade and Kara Hartman

International Programs in Agriculture is dedicated to assisting and facilitating international experiences, collaborative relationships and projects for the Purdue College of Agriculture. Such involvement includes:

For faculty and staff:

  • Assisting in securing funding for international teaching, research, and extension activities;
  • Administering a small grants program through which support may be obtained on a competitive basis for international research projects;
  • Providing professional contacts with local, national, and international agencies and organizations;
  • Assisting faculty in development of plans for international sabbaticals;
  • Assisting with efforts to internationalize the undergraduate sabbaticals;
  • Helping to locate opportunities for faculty and staff involvement in international teaching, research and extension.

For international visitors:

  • Assisting faculty who wish to host short and long-term international visitors (protocol, required forms, housing, medical insurance, settling-in procedures, etc.);
  • Providing opportunities for faculty and student interaction;
  • Assisting in arranging schedules and accommodations.

For undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Administering agriculturally-based student exchange and study abroad programs. (Note: limited scholarship support is available from IPIA for student participants);
  • Advising students on the International Studies Minor in agriculture as well as on opportunities and careers in the international arena;
  • Assisting graduate students in locating funding sources for international research;
  • Providing guidance and assistance on issues relative to international students/scholars;
  • Helping provide funding support to bring distinguished visitors to campus to discuss international topics in undergraduate classes and graduate seminars.

Administrative support:

  • Co-sponsoring the international seminar series on issues relating to international agriculture;
  • Assisting and advising faculty and staff in preparation for international travel; provide country-specific background information, advice on passports and visas, university forms, medical precautions and insurance, inoculations, shipping and storage of personal belongings, etc. [Click here for links that provide information on these and other topics.]
  • Providing names of translators/interpreters for international visitors;
  • Assisting with preparation of grant proposals that are international in focus including the provision of "boilerplate" material and guidance on budgets, required federal forms, travel, etc.;
  • Providing administrative backstopping for faculty on international assignments;
  • Disseminating current information regarding international opportunities for grants, fellowships, internships, and exchange opportunities.

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