Animal Sciences Major



Prepare for careers with animals by learning about animal growth and development, nutrition, reproduction, breeding, and genetics. Concentrations in Agribusiness, Production, Products, Biosciences, Behavior and Well-Being, or Pre-Veterinary Medicine provide graduates with the broad foundation to work in many career fields, including farm operations, technical sales, animal behavior, and research laboratories. Advanced degree graduates (MS, PhD, and DVM) may work in Cooperative Extension, veterinary medicine, or research and development in academic, industry, or government settings as research specialists in nutrition, genetics, reproduction, growth biology, or animal behavior and well-being.

Concentrations include:

     Animal Agribusiness - Plan of Study

     Behavior/Well Being - Plan of Study

     Biosciences - Plan of Study

     Pre veterinary Medicine - Plan of Study  

     Production - Plan of Study    

     Products - Plan of Study


Contact Information:

Mark Diekman