In labs, in fields, in greenhouses and in offices, Purdue Agriculture students keep growing. See how students from different majors are cultivating their futures through diverse internships around the country. 

Cultivating the Future

Our Internship Stories

Barbara Montemayor Martinez stands next to Hershey-branded car in front of The Hershey Chocolate Company

Cultivating the Future: Barbara Montemayor Martinez

Barbara Montemayor Martinez, a senior in food science with a minor in fermentation sciences, has taken being “a kid in a candy store”...

Drew Parker stands in front of a John Deere Tractor in a field.

Cultivating the Future: Drew Parker & Sydney Wheeler

A child growing up in agriculture is as likely to recognize the deep green logo with a yellow deer leaping through it as they could any other...

Izaak working with bee hives

Cultivating the Future: Izaak Gilchrist

The spider hanging upside down from the corner of your room and the silverfish that crawled out of your drain this morning might make you want to...

Konstantin is a research and development scientist with EnvrioLogix in Portland, Maine, and Yoder is a rising senior biochemistry student at Purdue University.

Cultivating the Future: Bryn Yoder

Mary Konstantin gets misty-eyed in the middle of a lab, beakers bubbling away in the background, as she recounts the amazing summer she spent...

Ella Hildebrand interns at chocolate factory for summer.

Cultivating the Future: Ella Hildebrand

The mouth-watering smell of rich chocolate and warm caramel floats through the kitchens in DeBrand Fine Chocolates as Ella Hildebrand begins her...

Students Alex Hokey, Tyler Ziehm and Ryan Liebermann hold drone controllers and smile in front of a corn field

Cultivating the Future: Alex Hokey, Ryan Liebermann and Tyler Ziehm

With a population of 810 residents, Sheffield, Illinois seems like many other small Midwest farming towns, and on the surface, it is. With...

Student Madelyn Pierce poses with a red soil probe and yellow bucket in front of a tall, green field of corn

Cultivating the Future: Madelyn Pierce

At home, Madelyn Pierce is surrounded by houseplants. At work, she was surrounded by corn and soybeans. With her passion for plants and the...

Kayla Hinton, ABE student sits in lab.

Cultivating the Future: Kayla Hinton

Surrounded by tiny bottles with labels of different shampoo ingredients in a state-of-the-art laboratory, Kayla Hinton, a senior in agricultural...


Cultivating the Future: Sara Zukowsky

Every month of Sara Zukowsky’s internship this summer could be its own novel, which is fitting for the Natural Resources and Environmental...

Isabel Jensen of NRES

Cultivating the Future: Isabel Jensen

In a parking lot littered with cracked ceramic floor tiles and shards of glass, a water pump rumbles to life. Isabel Jensen, clad in steel toe...

Sidney Panaretos works with horse in summer internship.

Cultivating the Future: Sidney Panaretos

“Our pets are our family,” is both motto and simple fact for Sidney Panaretos. The rising senior in animal sciences and pre-vet at...

Student Dev Patel posing near field.

Cultivating the Future: Dev Patel, Disha Lalit and Makinzie France

With three different majors and three different career paths in mind, Dev Patel, Disha Lalit and Makinzie France each found summer internship...

Mina Reising stands in corn field by Becky's Hybrid sign

Cultivating the Future: Mina Reising

At every stage of the growth process, Beck’s Hybrids is concerned with helping farmers profit from their efforts. According to their website,...

Chloe Hall stands in field working as a field scout for Co-Alliance.

Cultivating the Future: Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall, a junior from Zionsville, Ind., majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES), didn’t grow up in a traditional...

Nathan Tuchscherer in front of Cincinnati Childrens hospital

Cultivating the Future: Nathan Tuchscherer

Nathan Tuchscherer, a rising senior in the College of Agriculture’s biochemistry department with a pre-med concentration, has never shied...

Ellie Staggs stands in front of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association's booth at the Indiana State Fair.

Cultivating the Future: Ellie Staggs

Growing up showing livestock, Ellie Staggs always loved beef cattle, but her summer internship with the Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) is...

Farm Credit Interns

Cultivating the Future: Taryn Wainscott, Jackson Lusk and Taylor Pinkerton

Though agricultural economics students Taryn Wainscott, Jackson Lusk and Taylor Pinkerton share the same major and secured summer internships at...

Student Payten Brower stands in under a canopy of flowers

Cultivating the Future: Kayla Grennes, Ian Kelly and Payten Brower

With 118 years in operation, locations in 24 regions on six continents and 13 companies and partners in Chicago alone, Ball Horticultural Company...

Student Emily Carlisle stands in a green polo next to a sign with letters that spell "macaw" in front of a macaw enclosure

Cultivating the Future: Emily Carlisle

With a toddler’s intelligence, lifespans of 80–90 years and colors ranging from blue to green to red, macaws are truly impressive...

Mackenzie Sandusky poses in front of tall yellow flowers leaning on a shovel

Cultivating the Future: Mackenzie Sandusky

There’s a lot in bloom right now in Purdue’s Jules Janick garden, located right beside the Horticulture building. You can find bright...

Student Lexi LaMar poses and squats next to a "gravid trap" with a concrete pool of water from a wastewater treatment plant behind her

Cultivating the Future: Allison Beach and Lexi LaMar

Hundreds of mosquitoes zip around in a circular, netted trap as Allison Beach explains the daily process of collecting and analyzing the mosquitoes...

Jack Gross stands in front of the Chobani logo.

Cultivating the Future: Jack Gross

For a second summer, Jack Gross has come back to work at Chobani’s Twin Falls, Idaho facility for more than just the all-you-can-eat yogurt.

Nicholas Neuman stands with crossed arms in front of the door to the mayor's office

Cultivating the Future: Nicholas Neuman

When Nicholas Neuman, an agricultural economics and political science double major, applied for a variety of summer internships, he was thrilled...

Student Hari Thirumalai stands in a vinyard and a smile in front of a stone Indiana Farm Bureau sign outside

Cultivating the Future: Hari Thirumalai

Hari Thirumalai was browsing LinkedIn for summer jobs when he came across a post from the country’s third-largest wine company calling for...

Student Baylee Riester amongst the ferns and horsetails of the Botany Lily Greenhouses

Cultivating the Future: Sidney Bunch, Baylee Riester and Levi Berry

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected all aspects of life, but few realize how much it affected the world of plants. For many people, houseplants...

Student Jackson Daftari poses with crossed arms and a smile in front of a stone Indiana Farm Bureau sign outside

Cultivating the Future: Jackson Daftari

At 8 a.m., the glass door slides open as Jackson Daftari, an agricultural economics major, swipes his key card to enter the door to the...

Student Allison Lund holds up a microphone to interview an older man in a red shirt in a tent outside

Cultivating the Future: Allison Lund

When Allison Lund entered Purdue as an agronomy major, she never expected she would pursue journalism in the College of Agriculture or that she...



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