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Learn problem solving skills and strategies that you can apply to modern agriculture and the food industry.

Concentrations include Agribusiness Management, Agrifinance, Agrimarketing, Commodity Marketing and Food Marketing. 


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Prepare for a career that serves industry and society by promoting awareness and understanding of food, agriculture and science.

Explore Agricultural Communication  

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Put economic principles into practice and analyze issues related to price analysis, international trade and development, environmental resources and agricultural policy.  

Concentrations include Applied Agricultural Economics, Data Analytics, Policy and Pre-Law, and Quantitative Analysis.  

Explore Agricultural Economics

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Combine your interest in animals, plants, natural resources, and food with your desire to educate the next generation & make a difference in your world.

Explore Agricultural Education

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Apply engineering principles with your knowledge of agricultural systems and natural resources to assure environmental compatibility of practices used by production agriculture.  

Explore Agricultural Engineering

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Learn how equipment and buildings are used with plants and animals and their products.   

Concentrations include Data and Information Systems, Leadership and Management, and Agro-security.

Explore Agricultural Systems Management

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Meet the global need for food, fuel and fiber while addressing environmental sustainability challenges. Be a part of enhancing the quality of life through discovery, education and engagement.  

Concentrations include Agronomic Business and Marketing, Crop and Soil Management, and International Agronomy.  

Explore Agronomy

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Turn your passion for animals into a career in animal agriculture or prepare for graduate school through hands-on experience.   

Concentrations include Animal Agribusiness, Behavior/Wellbeing, Biosciences, Pre-veterinary Medicine, Animal Production and Industry.  

Explore Animal Sciences

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Study severe storms, climate change and environmental impacts to pursue graduate degrees or enter the workforce in specialties such as weather forecasting, climate modeling and air pollution. 

Explore Applied Meteorology and Climatology

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Prepare for a career in research, management, education or interdisciplinary investigations of environmental programs in freshwater or marine ecosystems.   

Concentrations include Fisheries and Marine and Freshwater Biology.  

Explore Aquatic Sciences

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Study the driving force behind applications ranging from cancer research to biofuel production to antibiotic discovery.   

Concentrations include Pre-Med and Pre-Vet. 

Explore Biochemistry


Solve challenges for pharmaceuticals, food production or bio-technology in a program where you’ll experience deep ties to the College of Agriculture and College of Engineering.

Concentrations include Bioenvironmental Engineering, Cellular & Biomolecular Engineering, Food & Biological Process Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Process Engineering. 

Explore Biological Engineering

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Gain a well-rounded understanding of basic sciences with applications in crop plant management and crop improvement.  

Explore Crop Science

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Learn about ecosystem processes and how humans affect these systems to design sustainable solutions.

Explore Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

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Prepare to manage the home farm or a career in professional farm management with an emphasis on production, finance, marketing and management strategies.

Explore Farm Management

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Discover ways to design and use microbes in diverse industries from foods to biofuels to pharmaceuticals to sustainably solve challenges.

Explore Fermentation Science

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Apply science, such as microbiology and biochemistry, to discover ways to improve the taste, nutrition and value of the food supply.

Explore Food Science

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Learn to apply biological, ecological, economic and social knowledge to develop and administer forest management plans on public and private forestlands and urban settings.   

Concentrations include Forest Management, Forest Science, Sustainable Biomaterials and Urban Forestry. 

Explore Forestry

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Apply knowledge from biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering, communications, business and education to solve real-world problems related to the production, marketing and management of landscape plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.   

Concentrations include Horticultural Production and Marketing, Landscape Contracting and Management, Landscape Design, Landscape Enterprise Management, Plant Science and Public Horticulture.  

Explore Horticulture

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Protect human and animal health, food, property and natural environments by understanding the biology and ecology of insects.

Explore Insect Biology

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Develop abilities in problem solving, analytical thinking and communication to design parks, retail environments, corporate campuses or even new communities.   

Explore Landscape Architecture

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Contribute to environmental change in the world.

Concentrations include Climate and Energy Solutions, Emerging Environmental Challenges, Environmental Policy and Analysis, Environmental Quality and Restoration, Sustainability Science, and Watershed Management. 

Explore Natural Resources and Environmental Science
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Learn about genetic engineering, agricultural biotechnology and research in genetic mechanisms that control crop growth and development. 

Explore Plant Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology

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Study the interactions of plants with other organisms and their role in the environment to learn how plants and microbes grow, develop, and evolve. 

Explore Plant Science

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Are you interested in a career that involves studying plants, but aren't sure which of our majors best suits your personal interests? Start here.

Explore Plant Studies-Exploratory (PRE)

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Considering a career as a veterinarian but aren't sure which academic major is your best fit? Start with this non-degree program.  

Explore Pre-Veterinary Medicine

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Develop an area of specialization to prepare for entry into an agricultural-related industry of choice.   

Explore Sales and Marketing

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Address agricultural water use, food security, soil and water quality and secure water supplies by gaining a strong science education.  

Explore Soil and Water Sciences

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Learn how to design and manage a small farm enterprise by studying the principles of sustainable agriculture.  

Explore Sustainable Food and Farming Systems

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Oversee and implement management programs for the production, maintenance and performance of turfgrass areas like golf courses, athletic fields, parks, lawns and sod farms.   

Explore Turf Management and Science

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Learn about wildlife research, management and education with an emphasis on sustainable management of natural resources systems in the real world.

Explore Wildlife


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