Core Requirements

  Core Graduation Requirement Summary
  Mathematics and Science
  Written and Oral Communication
  Humanities and/or Social Sciences
  Multicultural Awareness
  Capstone Course or Experience
  International Understanding
  Transfer and Advanced Placement Credit
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Capstone Course or Experience (0-3) credits

Baccalaureate degree plans of study must include a capstone course or experience. Capstone course credits also may be used to fulfill core curriculum requirements or departmental requirements or selectives.

In a capstone experience, students will be challenged to integrate their accumulated knowledge and technical and social skills in order to identify and solve a problem relevant to issues encountered by professionals in their chosen discipline, and to communicate the results of their efforts to their peers. In doing so, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to adapt to professional situations. It is hoped that this experience will stimulate students' appreciation of the need for lifelong learning and initiate professional and personal liaisons.

The College of Agriculture faculty has approved capstone courses and experiences which are intergrated as part of each Agriculture major curriculum requirements. 

Revised July 3, 2013​