Dean's Scholars


Requirements if you were admitted before Fall 2014:

  • First semester students will enroll in an honors section of AGR101H - 1 credit.
  • Each year a student is designated as a Dean's Scholar, the student is advised to complete three credit hours of honors courses. At graduation each Dean's Scholar will have a minimum of 12 credits of honors courses. Honors courses can be courses or sections of courses approved for honors credit by the College of Agriculture Curriculum and Student Relations Committee, a University Honors (HONR) course, a course with honors designation taught in another College (School) in the University, a 600-level course, or a regular course or section of a course in which a special honors project is required in addition to the regular course requirements. For a regular course or section of a regular course to receive a temporary designation as an honors course, the student must complete the Honors Contract Course form. (For Honors Contract Course Procedure, click here).  S/he will need to obtain the signature of Dr. Fernandez or his designee as the “Honors Unit Director."
  • Students must complete at least 15 credits during regular academic year semesters in which they are resident at the West Lafayette campus.
  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA equal to or greater than 3.25 at the end of each semester as a Dean's Scholar. If a student's GPA drops below 3.25, the student has one semester to re-establish the minimum GPA before losing the designation of Dean's Scholar. Students have only one opportunity to re-establish the minimum GPA.
  • A Dean's Scholars Profile must be developed by the end of the student’s first semester or by the end of the first semester after a student enters the Program. A Dean’s Scholars Profile includes:
      • A working plan for meeting the 12 credit hours of honors courses.
      • A creative scholarly work such as a bachelor's thesis, laboratory project, or design project (3-6 credit hours); three credits of which may be used as part of the 12 credits of honors courses.
      • Annual participation in Dean's Scholars events. (Must participate in 8 events in order to receive the Honors Designation at graduation.
      • Participation (at least once) in the Undergraduate Research & Poster Symposium . (Students will also be encouraged to present their project at a regional or national meeting and to publish their results, if appropriate.)