Undergraduate Researc​h


 Information about Undergraduate Research


Who can apply?

  • Any undergraduate in Agriculture may apply, regardless of GPA.
  • The student will need to identify a faculty mentor and meet with him or her to plan a research or design project.

What programs offer opportunities for undergraduate research?

  • Agricultural Research Programs Scholarships
  • $500 Undergraduate Research Grants

2015 Ag Research Fund Scholarship Information

Annually, multiple $2000 scholarships (applied toward your Purdue costs in the following academic year) are awarded to students who demonstrate high academic performance, quality research contributions, and a desire for continued learning about the conduct of research in agriculture. ARP provides an additional $500* to the recipient's faculty mentor for supplies and expenses incurred during the course of the student's research. These are always very competitive awards with winners being selected by a panel of faculty members. Application deadline is March 27, 2015. See links below for online submission of materials.​​

The successful applicant will (with the help of a faculty research mentor): 

 1.  Undertake a research project
 2.  Apply for the scholarship using the attached template
 3.  Obtain a letter of recommendation from their mentor using the attached template
 4.  Submit a short research progress report each semester in which s/he is funded (see attached template)  
 5.  Showcase their project at the annual undergraduate research and poster symposium on April 14, 2015.


Please download, complete as appropriate, and submit as an e-mail attachment to Lara Rodgers rodgerl@purdue.edu by no later than March 25, 2016.
Note: ONLY electronic applications will be accepted.

Office of Academic Programs Funding for Professors 

An Agriculture student, on behalf of her/his faculty mentor, submits a request for funding to the Office of Academic Programs undergraduate research. The research proposal must come from the student, while the letter of recommendation is written by the faculty member.  If approved, the faculty receives $500* per student to offset the cost of supplies and expenses incurred during the student's research. You are only eligible to funding once per academic year. The application form is here Undergraduate Research
**For an example, click here.

College of Agriculture Honors Program

Students may graduate with College of Agriculture honors certification if they have met the criteria that the school faculty has established for an honors program. A key component of this program is the completion of an honors project. Often, this project is undergraduate research. For admission criteria see the above URL; to apply clink on the honors application.  

The Dean's Scholars Program

Students who meet certain test and GPA criteria in high school will be invited to join the Dean's Scholars Program, taking honors courses, attending special events, and engaging in a research or design project.

The annual Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium April 12, 2016.

This showcase for research and other projects is often a culminating event for the undergraduate research or honors project. To see sample abstracts click here .

*Faculty may not receive both the ARP and OAP $500 awards for the same student and project in a semester.

For information about other campus research opportunities visit; Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI) program or the Summer Undergraduate Research (SURF) program or Molecular Agriculture Summer Institure (MASI) program.

For more information about Undergraduate Research, Honors program or Dean's Scholars programs please contact

Mary Helen Halsema 


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