Ag Alumni Grant Programs

Ag Alumni Trust Fund:

Established in 1967 by the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association, the Ag Alumni Trust Fund was created to provide flexible funds to help meet the needs of the College of Agriculture for which other resources were unavailable. The Ag Alumni Trust Fund Board, with the assistance of the Dean of Agriculture and their staff, evaluates all proposals submitted and sets priorities for funding. An estimated $20,000 is awarded annually from this funding source. Trust funds have supported such things as special equipment, the DC internship program, sending students to professional meetings, along with a variety of other projects/needs. Projects that will have an impact on many students appeal to the committee, as do experiential learning proposals. Proposals have to have a College of Agriculture impact or connection to be considered.  Deadline to apply is in the fall each year (see below for the next deadline) with the Ag Alumni Trust Fund committee meeting to decide in late fall. All proposals will be considered for the year in which they are submitted and are not kept on file for future consideration. Please fill out the Trust Fund application in its entirely to be considered for a financial award. Funding is for current/future usage, previous events/experiences do not qualify. 

The proposals chosen to receive funding will need to submit a certification of completion report after the funds are used. Contents of these reports are released to the Ag Alumni Association, Purdue University, and the College of Agriculture and may be used in recruiting, marketing and informative materials. 

The next deadline to apply is: October 31, 2022. 

If you have any questions about the Ag Alumni Trust Funds, please email Danica Kirkpatrick at

Donate to the Ag Alumni Trust Fund:

If you would like to contribute to the Ag Alumni Trust Fund, your contribution is tax deductible. You can contribute one of the following ways:

  1. You can mail a check made payable to "Purdue Foundation" to the following address:

    Mail to:
    Purdue Foundation
    Gift Processing
    P.O. Box 772401
    Detroit, MI, 48277-2401

    On the memo line of the check write, Ag Alumni Trust Fund (RF3002)

    The date the envelope is postmarked by USPS will be the year in which the gift is made per IRS regulations. Gift receipt will be sent to you once your contribution is processed. 
  1. You can donate online with this link.
  • Click on "Click here to select your fund"
  • Search "other" and select
  • Copy/paste this into the form "Ag Alumni Trust Fund (RF3002)"

    Gifts made online via credit card will count in the year the gifts are processed. Gift receipt will be e-mailed to you upon making your contribution.
  1. Call the College of Agriculture Development office directly at (765) 494- 8672