Purdue Ag Alumni Board of Directors​


  • President: Seth Harden
  • Vice President: Josh Crabb
  • Secretary: Drew Garretson
  • Treasurer: Aaron Goedde
  • Immediate Past President: Erika Morris

Class B Directors (three year term)

Terms expire in 2023:
  • Ben Carter
  • Dianne Ripberger
  • Elisha Buchanan
  • Ian Champ
  • Andy McVay
  • Brad Ponsler
  • Dr. Mary Beth Adams
Terms expire in 2024:
  • Eileen Weber
  • Stephanie Mowery
  • Kent Harris
  • Mark Underwood
  • Brad Fife
  • Laurel Royer
  • Daniel Skelton
Terms expire in 2025:
  • Paul Jacobs
  • Nikki Hendrickson
  • James Joshua
  • Jasma Collins
  • Cara McCauley
  • Ryan Millett
  • Jason Brown

Class A Directors (one year term)

  • Karen Plaut - Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture
  • Willie Reed - Dean of Veterinary Medicine
  • Bernie Engel - Associate Dean of Ag Research Programs
  • Jason Henderson - Associate Dean of Agriculture, Director of Purdue Extension
  • Christine Wilson - Associate Dean of Agriculture, Director of Academic Programs
  • Jerry Shively - Associate Dean of Agriculture & Director of International Pogroms In Agriculture
  • Pamala Morris - Assistant Dean of Agriculture & Director of Multicultural Programs
  • John Baugh - Director of Ag Services and Regulations
  • Kenda Resler-Friend - Chairman of the Ag Alumni Trust Fund
  • Kevin Wilson - Past President and Representative to the Purdue Alumni Board
  • Jim Beaty - Past President and Representative to CASH Board
  • Jay Hulbert - President of Ag Alumni Seed Improvement Association, Inc
  • Marshall Martin - Chairman of the Board at Ag Alumni Seed Improvement Association, Inc
  • Ellsworth Christmas - Emeritus Member
  • Larry Nees - Emeritus Member
  • Courtney Rodkey - President of Ag Council, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Stephen McBride - Graduate Student Co-Representative
  • Carmen Wickware - Graduate Student Co-Representative


There are many ways to stay connected to Purdue Agriculture after your time on campus has ended. We are always looking for alumni to serve on our board, trust fund committee, and other programs. You can serve no matter where you live, since many of our programs offer a virtual component. If you are interested in serving on the Ag Alumni Board of Directors, or in another capacity, please share your interest with us in this brief form.

*Note - Board and trust fund positions are limited, and vacancies are filled based on different academic departments. Please provide us with your information, so you can be considered when your department position becomes available.