Ag Alumni Mentoring Program

We currently are recruiting students from all majors in the College of Agriculture to participate in the Spring 2021 cohort of the Ag Alumni Mentoring Program. We are accepting students from all class levels and from all majors in the College of Agriculture. We are also continuously recruiting Ag Alumni mentors in all career stages and fields within the agriculture industry for the program. The Ag Alumni Mentoring Program provides students with personal and career development opportunities. Our goal is to provide College of Ag students with resources to network and de​​​​velop relationships with Ag Alumni that will benefit them personally and professionally. The program duration is one semester and can fit into most any schedule, since a majority (or all) of the communication is via email, zoom or phone. Students may participate in the program for as many semesters as they like. 

The Ag Alumni Mentoring Program began during fall semester of 2012 as a pilot program with ten mentoring pairs and has grown ever since. Students are matched with mentors from a database of Ag Alumni who have indicated an interest in participating as mentors and have completed a professional profile. Potential mentors from all career stages are continually being solicited. Mentors make a commitment of one semester, and they are always given the opportunity to opt out each semester before a match is made.

The goal of this program is to connect students in the College of Agriculture with Purdue Ag Alumni. We aspire to bridge the gap between current and past College of Ag Boilermakers. Through this program, we want to provide Ag Alumni with a meaningful way to give back to Purdue and to engage with the College of Agriculture and its talented students. We want to provide personal and career development opportunities for students. We also want to provide College of Ag students (both graduate and undergraduate) with resources to network and connect with Ag Alumni. 

For alumni interested in mentoring, please complete the alumni profile.

For undergraduate or graduate students interested in being mentored, please complete the student profile.​

For any questions about the program, please email Brandi Farrer at

Mentoring FAQs

Alumni should participate because we have an ever-growing number of students from all majors who want to connect with alumni.  Mentoring is a fun, rewarding, and meaningful way to connect with current College of Agriculture students. 

The goal of the program is to connect current students with alumni of the College of Agriculture to have access to someone that has already had experience in the working world.

Brandi Farrer, Purdue Ag Alumni Association – Alumni Program Manager, will coordinate matching Purdue Ag Alumni mentors and College of Agriculture student mentees.

If you have any further questions please contact Brandi Farrer,

We ask that you fill out the Mentor Profile for alumni and the Student Profile​ for students, then you will be placed in our mentor database. At the beginning of each semester, we pair mentors and mentees based off profiles submitted. You will have the right to refuse when we contact you. Just because you have submitted your profile to us and you are in our database, does not mean you are obligated to participate in the program.

We keep the program unstructured so that it can easily fit into a busy lifestyle. We provide tips and tools that are helpful to keep the conversation going.

The time commitment for the program is only one semester long and only requires as much time as you and your mentee want to spend on the program.

The program will only be one semester long experience.

Ag Alumni may participate as many times as they would like to in the Purdue Ag Alumni Mentoring Program.

The Purdue Ag Alumni manager of the program will be matching mentors with student mentees. The pairing will be based primarily on matching gifts and skills of the mentor with goals and needs of the mentee.  Major, interests, career path, and other information will serve as secondary matching criteria.


  • What are your goals?​ (Long-term and short-term)
  • Why did you choose to pursue these goals and dreams?​
  • What is the one action you have taken that has accounted for most of y​our success?
  • What are your strengths?​
  • What are your weaknesses?​
  • How did you get where you are today?
  • What organizations and clubs were you involved in when you were a Purdue student?
    • Did you have a summer internship or co-op​ while at Purdue?
    • What company did you work for?
  • What did you do to during your internship or co-op?
  • How did you choose your career path?
    • For example: major, classes, work experience and position attained after Purdue graduation.
  • ​Did you ever study abroad while a student at Purdue University?
    • Where did you travel?
    • What type of study abroad program was it? (Maymester, semester, spring break, etc.)
  • ​Why did you choose Purdue University?
  • Why did you choose to study in the College of Agriculture?​​

Try to communicate with your mentee as often as you both can. The contact communication can be a mix of phone calls, email, personal meetings if possible, etc.

​As a mentor, you will only be paired with one mentee for the one semester commitment.