Ag Alumni Professor Appreciation

Caitlinn Lineback ’19 Food Sciences | Haley Oliver Associate Professor of Food Sciences

“Working with Haley Oliver showed me how you can tie a hard science to real-world consumers,” said Caitlinn Lineback, a food sciences senior. “She really shaped the way that I plan to move forward in life.”
After transferring to the College of Agriculture her freshman year, Lineback took the opportunity to attend a food safety conference in Missouri with her new classmates. On the trip, Lineback met Haley Oliver, associate professor of food science.
From there, Lineback began helping Oliver with her research. “When I worked in Dr. Oliver’s lab, I was able to move past the bench top work and assist with some grant writing, which I had no experience with beforehand. That exposed me to the world of academia and how to apply science in a different way than just the classroom.”
By her junior year, Lineback was in several of Oliver’s courses. “I really enjoyed those classes,” said Lineback. “They were specific to food safety which was really my interest within food sciences.”
“Dr. Oliver is a really good advocate, not only for food sciences but for students as a whole. She helps you succeed in the best way possible and makes sure you’re getting something out of her courses,” said Lineback. “She makes sure her students are equipped with the knowledge to go into the workforce and is always there for those who want to learn more.”
Lineback continued to express her gratitude. “I would like to tell Haley thank you for exposing me to the world of agriculture. I didn’t know how much of what we do in the classroom could apply to the real world, directly impacting producers and consumers every day. You helped students and helped me realize that it’s not just about the lab work, but how that applies to people around the world.”

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