A Cascade news site allows you to create and post news post articles. This news site makes up one of the three core sites of any Ag or Extension Cascade build.

To add a post:

  • Login to Cascade
  • Choose either the Ag-News or Extension-News site and the sub-folder (county, department, or program)
  • Choose the year you want to create a post within.
  • Choose the month folder you want to create a post within.
    Note 1: You must create your post in the same folder you plan to date reference in the post's form.
    Note 2: Cascade requires the monthly sub-folders to function and index properly. Edits will break this.
  • Click Add Content > Post
  • Use the post's form and fill in, edit, and choose the options you need and want.
  • Remember to upload images on the _media sub-folder and documents on the _docs sub-folder (inside the month).

New post location example

screenshot of folder selection

View this Extension Educator example video, which is very informative for both Extension and CoA content creators.


Example of a form when creating a post

continuation of an example of a form when creating a post 

Bottom of the form on example when creating a news post



Female student working in lab

Example of a news post webpage

Example of a news post webpage bottom part


Q: What block can I use to list news posts on a page?
A: There are multiple block choices to include feature story, news articles, featured stories, and the top stories blocks. Learn more here.

Q: What does the form's Feature on Homepage option do?
A: If selected "Yes" it will include a query for the most three recent "Featured" articles that are then displayed at the top of the news index page for that News subsite's /index page.

Q: What is a category listing page? Where are they located?
A: A category listing page is a pre-built metadata asset that groups all similarly tagged items onto a single index page. These category listing pages are located in the root directory of a news or event site. Contact the web team for more info.

Q: What are the numbered filter options?
A: This filter listing reference is located here.

Q: What is a news block? How do I edit it?
A: A handbuilt block used to filter content by (tags or category listing page). Please contact the web team to edit this.

Q: How long does it take for a published post to show up on the live site?
A: PIT publishes our Cascade sites on a top-of-the-hour and every 15 minutes after the cycle. For example, 9 a.m. and then again at 9:15, 9:30, and 9:45. Additionally, all submitted items and all sites publish every morning between midnight a 3 a.m.

Q: How do I add an image to a WYSWIG block and align it?
A: This video explains how to add an image using the WYSIWYG block editor. If you have issues aligning the image in the WYSIWYG block editor do this: add your image, add a caption, then use the align-left-middle-or-right via the paragraph alignment option buttons in the WYSIWYG menu.

Q: How do I add a new year for news articles?
A: Follow these steps:

  • Login and navigate to your event site's primary folder (example department or county) which contains your current year folders
  • Choose + Add Content
  • Choose the Year-Month Event Folders
  • Title the folder the year you need (example 2024)

Q: Can I schedule a news article to publish?
A: Yes, as described here. Assets can be scheduled to publish once at a future date and time in one of two ways:

  • By specifying a Start Date in the asset's metadata - until this date, the asset will not be publishable or indexable, best for new assets that should not appear in other site content until the scheduled time.
  • Or by choosing a date/time in the Optionally Publish Later field when publishing the asset - until this date the asset will still be indexable but not publishable and will not be included in other publishing jobs such as folder or site publishes.

Q: Can I schedule a news article to archive?
A: Yes. Cascade news articles and events have a similar archiving process Learn more here.

Q: I would like to use others' tags to pull their articles to my page. Is this possible?
A: Yes. Using others' tags to pull in their content to your site is a great option. But first, verify the tags they used by viewing the asset's Details info in the upper right corner for that asset. If you cannot identify the tags used email AGCOMM and we will help you locate the tags they have used.

Q: I would like to add others' tags to my article. Is this possible?
A: Using others' tags to push your content into their feed requires some coordination and agreement between Cascade content owners. First, contact the content's owner(s) by viewing the asset's Details info in the upper right corner for that asset and then email them your request. If you cannot identify the content owner email AGCOMM and we will help you locate the content owner(s) so you can make your tag request with them. Learn more about Tags here.

Q: What news article images are used where across Cascade?
A: Cascade is very flexible and will use the news article images you provide or do not provide when used on-page via these news block choices:

  • Featured Story
  • Featured Stories
  • News Listing
  • Top Stories

Learn more in the FAQ located here: Learn about working with Cascade images.

Q: What news listing pages can I use to search for, display and share news articles?
A: You can find a list of departments and counties on The College of Agriculture or Extension News landing pages. Each department and county news landing page has a news archive that you can also view. Additionally, you can add a News Listing Block to any page to see all tags or department/county news articles. CoA users can also use the Ag News Listing page to filter news articles by specific departments or search terms and share the generated URLs that contain these search filters. For example, a search for 'corn' would generate a URL of