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plants growing in a green house

Phenotyping facilities offer powerful tools with a delicate touch

Mandela Washington Fellowship @ Purdue University

Mandela Washington Fellowship

Jackson Smeltz

Seven agriculture students named Big Ten Distinguished Scholars

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Honey locust leaves and pods

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Honey Locust

Meet the honey locust or Gleditsia triacanthos, also called “thorn-tree,” which has multi-pronged thorns of two inches or more in...

High resolution aerial photo captured by a drone shows individual trees at Martell Forest in West Lafayette, Ind.

Purdue to boost climate-smart forestry practices among private landowners

Purdue University has received $12 million of a $35 million project led by the American Forest Foundation and funded by the U.S. Department of...

farm implement driving down a narrow road

Indiana farm fatality summary shows positive trends, stresses worker safety

Purdue University’s Agricultural Health and Safety Program released the annual Indiana Farm Fatality Summary with Historical Overview,...

Ariel shot of fall foliage around the Purdue University campus.

Forest migration plays a role in fall foliage colors

While forests are not uprooting and physically moving to new locations, Jingjing Liang says tree species are migrating to more ideal environments...

Timber rattlesnake in the woods

Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Timber Rattlesnake

Indiana is home to a large variety of plant and animal life, supported by the range of Indiana habitats, from its prairies to verdant hardwood...

FNR 378000 students gained hands-on training in field sampling at Marine Biology Practicum at Seahorse Key Marine Lab in Florida.

Marine Biology Practicum Introduces Students to Field Work

Students in the Marine Biology Practicum class (FNR 378000) spent 11 days before the fall semester began, gaining hands-on training using field...

Dold family

Family is at the heart of an 85-year tradition of Purdue pest management education and networking

While pest control dates to nearly the beginning of agriculture, in the early decades of the 1900s pesticides were still only sometimes effective...

Fran Rivas doing research in Mongolia.

FNR Field Report: Fran Rivas

PhD student Francisco Rivas Fuenzalida spent the summer in Mongolia conducting research on soundscapes and the sonic practices of traditional...


Educational system provides hundreds of language translation options and a gender balanced approach to scientific animations

The Scientific Animations Without Borders program or “SAWBO” is an educational system creating scientifically accurate animations...

Black locust leaves and flowers

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Black Locust

Meet the black locust or Robinia pseudoacacia. which has compound leaves made up of seven to 17 small rounded leaflets arranged alternately on the...

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