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Mary Strickland

Mary Strickland - Graduate Ag Research Spotlight

Julia Peterson in the mesas of Arizona.

Finding beauty in the mess—the perspective of a botany and art double major

Ismail Olaniyi flies a UAV up above the trees.

The crossroads between lemon trees and technology

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Combined microbiome datasets yield accurate prediction of animal ages

An analysis combining the results of 14 studies from around the globe has uncovered some common patterns in how the piglet microbiome, specifically...

A hand holding two eggs

Rehabilitation through agricultural skills with Purdue Farmer-to-Farmer Trinidad and Tobago

Gardening and poultry care are sometimes seen as trendy hobbies in the U.S., but in Trinidad and Tobago, Vision on Mission clients view these...

Claire King waters her quinoa in the greenhouse.

Claire King named a Golden Opportunity Scholar

It’s easy to imagine the whole of agriculture as a giant feast sprawled out on an equally giant table. America’s famous Thanksgiving...

Logos for the American Fisheries Society, Society of American Forestry and The Wildlife Society conventions/conferences

FNR Research Was Well-Represented at Fall Organizational Conferences

Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources and the cutting-edge research being performed by its faculty, staff and students has been on display...

corn silk

Understanding Black Layer Formation in Corn

The use of the term “black layer” is often a universal method among farmers and agronomists for determining when a corn plant has...

corn silk

Paying Attention to In-Season Nitrogen Timing is Important when following a Rye Cover Crop

Managing and maintaining a high-yielding corn crop following a cereal rye cover crop can often be a challenging task. Cereal rye hosts a large...

Three Sisters: Corn

NAECC and Student Farm continue a thousand year-long agricultural tradition

A table full of savory soups, hearty vegetables and sweet fry bread served as proof that even hungry squirrels couldn’t stop the Purdue...

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