Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Julia Bello-Bravo - Assistant Professor
Investigates effective communication and education using a systems approach toward understanding and solving the last mile" problem of delivering science education across cultures, languages, literacy levels, technologies, and institutional networks.

Dr. Colleen Brady, Professor - Extension Education
Gaining a better understanding of human perspectives and drivers related to equine well-being, and then using that information in the implementation of distance learning strategies to enhance care, management and well-being of horses.

Dr. Natalie Carroll, Professor - Extension Education
Examines informal learning and curriculum development for youth, especially science learning through environmental and natural resources experiences. Explores student motivation and learning.

Dr. Neil Knobloch,  Professor - Extension Education
Focuses on inclusive, learner-centered teaching to motivate and engage K-20 students through integrated STEM education and experiential learning; inclusive and equitable mentoring strategies in graduate education; food systems education and PK-12 engagement

Dr. Sarah LaRose - Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education
Explores strategies that agricultural educators and universities can implement to increase outcomes of skilled agricultural workers, innovators, and agriculturally literate citizens who are capable of engaging the public in conversations about controversial issues.

Dr. Pamala Morris - Professor, Associate Dean/Director of the Office of Multicultural Programs
Investigates multicultural education, diversity awareness, intercultural effectiveness and communication, and service-learning methods.

Dr. Casey Mull- Clinical Associate Professor, Program Leader for 4-H Youth Development
Explores boundary spanning, higher education community partnerships, community engagement, engaged scholarship, positive youth development, program development, military youth and vulnerable populations, and quantitative and survey design.

Dr. Linda J Pfeiffer , Associate Professor - Agricultural Communication
Specializes in Science Communication (the communication of complex science to non-science audiences), risk communication, and psychology of the science audience.

Dr. Mark Russell - Professor
Explores engagement strategies to apply agricultural sciences; leadership development, and intercultural effectiveness outcomes; experiential and service-learning methods.

Dr. B. Allen Talbert, Professor - Agricultural Education
Investigates under-represented populations in agriculture and agricultural education, qualitative and mixed-methods studies, and experiential learning.

Dr. Roger Tormoehlen, Professor
Focuses on electronic-based learning, engineering literacy, and inquiry/challenge-based learning.

Dr. Mark Tucker, Professor Agricultural Communication
Focuses on risk communication, audience analysis, strategic issues management, sociology of higher education, and agricultural journalism education.

Dr. Hui-Hui Wang, Associate Professor - Extension Education
Explores K-12 integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through agriculture, food, and nature resources (AFNR) teacher education, curriculum, and instruction. Investigates educators’ beliefs and practices of integrated STEM through AFNR and best practice of interdisciplinary instructional models of STEM integration through AFNR for educators.

Dr. Yaguang Zhang, Professor
Research focuses on UAV-aided wireless communication systems, 5G millimeter-wave channel measurement and modeling, intelligent transportation system applications in digital agriculture, proactive road maintenance, and engineering education.