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Agricultural Education students in a teaching lab.
Agricultural Education students gain hands-on experience in a teaching lab

Agricultural Education is for you if you enjoy working with people and helping them learn about food and natural resources. Our students learn about animals, plants, technology, economics, natural resources, and food. Purdue Agricultural Education majors understand the diverse ways people learn and develop the skills to teach all students to succeed.

Teachers are in high-demand. In Agricultural Education, you have the opportunity to teach middle and high school students a wide variety of agricultural subjects. Additionally, Agricultural Education graduates are highly sought after for positions in business, government, and other professions that demand professionals who can communicate and work with people.

According to the most recent data, Agricultural Education graduates enjoyed 100 percent placement and graduates from our department earned a starting salary of $53,678 - Purdue Agriculture Employment Summary

The Purdue Agricultural Education program is a learning community in which students know each other and our faculty and staff. The faculty and staff who teach our courses have school-based agricultural education teaching experience. Our students have opportunities to learn about international agriculture and education through multiple study abroad opportunities offered by College of Agriculture and College of Education.

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