Jamaica Study Abroad

Learning outcomes include those from the two courses, EDCI 20500 and EDCI 28500, as well as intercultural and agricultural learning outcomes. Jamaica has agricultural education in its secondary schools, which lends itself well to outcomes in EDCI 20500/28500. Jamaica’s tropical agriculture is a learning experience for Purdue students who are mostly from the Midwest.
Timeframe: 17-18 days approximately mid-May to early June.

Jamaica 2022 Team
Rio Vista View
Student with Jamaican Coffee
Jamaican Pineapple


Day 1: Fly out of Indy
Day 2: Craighton Estate Coffee tour
Day 3: JP Tropical Foods tour
Day 4: Classroom Day
Day 5: Rio Grande Rafting
Day 6: Snorkeling and Beach Day
Day 7: Port Antonio Sites Tour
Day 8:Classroom Day
Day 9:Port Antonio Market and Craft
Day 10: Classroom Day
Day 11:Classroom Day
Day 12: Ocho Rios & Dunn's River Falls
Day 13: Port Antonio Lighthouse
Day 14: Kingston
Day 15: Worthy Park Sugar Tour
Day 16: Ft. Charles/Bob Marley Museum Tours
Day 17:Fly back to Indy

Allen Talbert

Dr Allen Talbert

Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Dr. Talbert serves as Coordinator of the Agricultural Education Program Area. His research is focused on underrepresented populations in agriculture. He has studied ethnic minorities in secondary agricultural education especially in urban areas. He is currently exploring the factors that contribute to a successful urban secondary agricultural education program.