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The Purdue University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory works for you to identify many types of plant problems and related issues. We work with both physical samples and digital images. We accept both commercial samples of all types and homeowner samples. This service is available to anyone in the continental United States. However, if you reside outside of Indiana we suggest you contact your local Extension Service office or a diagnostic lab in your region for assistance.

Follow this link for University Related Plant Disease and Soil Testing Services located in the United States.

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Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
Purdue University
915 Mitch Daniels Boulevard, LSPS 116
West Lafayette IN 47907-2054
FAX: 765-494-3958

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Identification and control recommendations for:

  • Plant diseases
  • Insects
  • Mites
  • Spiders
  • Identification of unknown plants, including weeds
  • Nutritional problems
  • Other non-infectious problems
  • Vertebrate pests

Services not available - contact lab

  • Soil or tissue testing
  • Pesticide Residue testing
  • Water testing
  • Nematology testing
  • Mushroom ID for human consumption
  • Herbicide Resistance testing


Per Sample Handling Fee: Includes routine isolations, microscope exam and diagnosis of physical samples and/or digital images:

From within Indiana: $11.00

Outside of Indiana: $22.00

Turf sample fees:

Non-Commercial Turf - $11 per sample ($22 out-of-state)  

  • Homeowner Samples

Commercial Turf - $25 per sample ($100 out-of-state)

  • Golf Course, Sports Field, Sod Farm, Commercial Lawn Care
Choose the appropriate form for physical submission or use the Photo Upload for photo submissions.
Physical Submission Form Physical Submission Form
Turf Submission Form Turf Submission Form

Additional fees:

  • Rapid Test Strips (viruses, Phytopthora, bacteria): $10 each or 4 strips for $25
  • Conventional PCR: $30
    • Brown stem rot (Cadophera gregata)
  • Nested PCR: $50
    • Oak Wilt
  • Real Time PCR: $50
    • Xylella fastidiosa
    • Fusarium virguliforme (SDS)
  • Sequencing: $50 or higher
    • Higher if multiple genes sequenced
  • Wheat Virus Testing: $75
Click on the publication image for a pdf with information on Oak Wilt and Bacterial Leaf Scorch samples.
Oak wilt Publication BP-28-W Oak Wilt Handout
bacterial leaf scorch article Bacterial Leaf Scorch of Oak: Lab Confirmation Necessary
In rare cases samples requiring extensive laboratory time may be charged additional fees. These will be determined in consultation with the submitter.


We accept payment in the form of cash, money orders, or personal checks.

We do not accept credit card payments.


Diagnostic responses are sent by email (or by US mail or fax upon request).


There will be no additional sample handling fee for any follow-up samples that might be requested by diagnosticians who require additional samples for a more accurate identification or diagnosis of the problem. Additional fees related to advanced testing for viruses and bacteria may be charged for follow-up samples.


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