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Commercial Labs

PPDL-1 Pesticide Residue Labs
PPDL-2 Plant Tissue Testing Labs
PPDL-3 Water Testing Labs 
PPDL-4 Soil Testing Labs

NOTE: Contact information for these labs is provided solely as a convenience to our clients and is not intended as an endorsement of their services, or lack of endorsement for those not listed.

Miscellaneous Information

Nematode Labs - NC Region Pesticide Drift Info

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Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
Purdue University
915 Mitch Daniels Boulevard, LSPS 116
West Lafayette IN 47907-2054
: 765-494-7071

Botany and Plant Pathology Publications

Powdery Mildew pub
BP-5-W Powdery Mildew
diplodia blight pub
BP-24-W Diplodia Tip Blight of Two-Needle Pines
Oak Wilt-combined pub
BP-28-W Oak Wilt in Indiana

Downy Mildew pub
BP-68-W Downy Mildew
boxwood blight pub
BP-203-W Boxwood Blight
Conifer Dieback pub
BP-477-W Stress-related Conifer Dieback

Forestry Publications

Tree Installation pub
FNR-433-W Tree Installation
Tree Support Pub
FNR-547-W Tree Support Systems
Pruning Pub
FNR-563-W Corrective Pruning for Deciduous Trees



insect Publications

Tree Installation pub
E-75-W Japanese Beetles in the Urban Landscape
Tree Support Pub
E-27-W Bagworms
Pruning Pub
E-261-W Practical Guide to Bed Bug Prevention

Turf Publications

ay-25-w publication
AY-25-W Purchasing Quality Grass Seed for Your Lawn
ay-32-w publication
AY-32-W 7 Simple Steps to a Better Home Lawn
ay-125-w publication
BP-125-W Seasonal Activity of Turfgrass Pathogens in the Midwest

horticulture publications

ho-14-w publication
HO-14-W Starting Seeds Indoors
ho-186-w publication
HO-186-W Indiana Vegetable Planting Calendar
id-464-w publication
ID-464-W Alternative Invasive Landscape Plants


Symptoms and signs guide
BP-164-W Symptoms and Signs for Plant Problem Diagnosis
Midwest Veggies
ID-56 2022 Midwest Vegetable Guide
Midwest Fuit Guide
ID-465 Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide
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