Dr. Shao regularly teaches the following courses:

FNR 55800 (3 credits, Spring): Remote Sensing Analysis and Applications

Note: In the spring of 2023, this course is temporarily changed to FNR 59800

This course is Designed to exercise advanced image classification.
Fundamental remote sensing skills and knowledge are required to take this course.

FNR 55800 - Remote Sensing Analysis and Applications


FNR 35700 (3 credits, Fall): Fundamental Remote Sensing

This course is designed for remote sensing beginners. Students learn how to use remotely sensed imagery to perform land use mapping, examine vegetation responses to climate variations, and investigate environmental impacts on land use.

FNR 35700 - Fundamental Remote Sensing


FNR 37010 (1 credit, May): Natural Resources Practicum (FNR students only)