Ecological Monitoring: The focuses on changes within an ecosystem and what caused it. This is accomplished through the measurement of different factors within an ecosystem.

 Process Dynamics: The area of research of how different processes develop and alter over time.

 Classification Evaluation: The area of research determining how well classification models are performing.

Image Analysis: The process of analyzing and understanding the deeper information that lays within the image.

Sustainable Development: The area of research to figure out how to support human development without putting the future of humanity in peril.

Ecosystem Services: The study of how nature benefits and brings value to the human race.


Dr. Guofan Shao's Research Areas: Ecological monitoring, process dynamics, image analysis, classification evaluation, sustainable development, ecosystem services

Purdue Research Groups and Centers

The Spatial Data Analysis Laboratory (FORS 206) is to promote applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Remote Sensing, and Modeling/Computer Simulations in sustainable management of natural resources.

FNR Digital Natural Resources' research spans over several areas which includes developing integrated systems of quantitative techniques for assessing and analyzing forest and associated ecosystems.

The John S. Wright Center includes teaching and research laboratories, office space for faculty and students, two greenhouses, two walk-in coolers for storing large plant specimens and a 120-person conference facility. The 17,000-square-foot center is used as a field lab, teaching resource and meeting place for faculty, staff and students in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources as well as other departments on campus.

The Institute for a Sustainable Future works to support research and partnerships to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

The Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing is a research group through the schools of Agriculture, Science, and Engineering. The laboratory focuses their efforts on remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems.

The Journal of Terrestrial Observation at Purdue publishes information and research associated with broad observations of the Earth.