International Trade

Market Opportunities for US Hardwood

Project Leaders: Dr. Eva Haviarova, Purdue University
In cooperation: Dr. Henry Quesada, Virginia Tech

The goal of this project is to provide marketing strategies for US hardwood producers in new emerging economies of Eastern Europe.

“State funds for this project were matches with Federal funds under the Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture."


Marketing Report

Country Reports
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia




  • Mračková, A. 2019. US Hardwood and its Use in Chosen EU Countries (in cooperation with Mendel University in Brno, CZ, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology)

American Hardwoods

  • Healthy, non-toxic, and low-impact material
  • Material of high quality and durability
  • Non threaten and certified sustainable
  • U.S. has wide variety of hardwood species
  • Great volumes are available
  • Consistency in quality is secured by grading
inside view of loglogs on groundstacks of logspallets