Degree in 3

The College of Agriculture offers a few options for students to complete their degree in three years, known as a Degree in 3.

Completing a degree in three years gives students the advantage of entering the workforce or graduate school on a more rapid timeline than a standard four-year degree plan. Degree in 3 may be the right fit for students who are motivated and focused on achieving their degree at an accelerated pace. 

Please note that all plans require students to work closely with their academic advisor to successfully complete the degree plan in 3 years. Review current Degree in 3 options offered by the College of Agriculture below and if you feel one is the right fit for you, contact your academic advisor for more details.

Agriculture Majors that offer Degree in 3

Agricultural Communication: Degree in 3 plan 

Agribusiness (Concentration in Agribusiness Management): Degree in 3 plan

Agricultural Economics (Concentration in Policy and Pre-Law): Degree in 3 plan

Agricultural Economics (Concentration in Quantitative Analysis): Degree in 3 plan

Farm Management: Degree in 3 plan

Animal Sciences (Concentration in Animal Agribusiness): Degree in 3 plan

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Degree in 3 plan coming soon. Come back later!