It’s the use of digital devices to gather, process and analyze spatial (object) or temporal (time) data. This data can then guide targeted actions to improve agricultural efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Digital devices put data from our fields and facilities at our fingertips. Only by harnessing data’s power — and training others to do the same — can it create a sustainable agricultural future. At Purdue University, digital agriculture and data science leverages increasingly innovative technology with our world-renowned know-how to improve agricultural efficiency, productivity and sustainability.



Dennis Buckmaster
Dean's Fellow for Digital Agriculture
Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Top Stories

Top Stories

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Simple Personal Databases – Make Your Records Digital Simply

Keeping records of events, transactions, and important activities can be simplified using digital formats such as Airtable. This post is a recorded workshop so that you can learn how to develop your own record system for countless additional...

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Open Ag Technologies and Systems Group (OATS)

The OATS Center is bringing an open source culture to agriculture and believes data exchange among systems, people and projects is key for agricultural sustainability.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Purdue Extension and Purdue Agriculture are leading Indiana’s way in technology outreach through the agricultural use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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