Education and Outreach

As data continues to become more important throughout all aspects of society, skills in digital agriculture and data science are becoming “must haves” for the next generation workforce in the agriculture, food, life and natural resource sciences. 

To reach its full potential, the success of digital agriculture is highly dependent on outreach and education. Through Extension, faculty, partnerships and other digital agriculture advocates, the impact of digital agriculture will grow as new ideas and opportunities spread.

The College of Agriculture offers multiple opportunities to gain knowledge and skills in the area of data science and digital agriculture for our undergraduate and graduate students, as well as stakeholders across the state and beyond. 


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Top Story

REEU students
REEU summer program provides a window into agriculture

Summertime is an opportunity for undergraduate students to explore new settings and gain experience towards their prospective careers. In its fourth year, Purdue’s College of Agriculture's Research and Extension Experiential Learning...

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Undergraduate Education

As an undergraduate in the College of Agriculture, you can find multiple opportunities to gain knowledge and skills in the area of data science and digital agriculture, including data-focused courses within all 11 of our academic departments.

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All College of Agriculture majors are available via the Purdue Catalog.

Wise choices of elective and optional courses in most of these majors can lead to unique qualifications in data science and digital agriculture.

The top of our list would be the new Data Driven Agriculture Minor. This minor encompasses the Purdue undergraduate certificate in Applications in Data Science. This certificate is accessible to all Purdue undergraduate students; although requirements are for 16 credits in distinct categories, many of those credits will fit naturally within requirements for many majors.

One particular program specifically targets digital agriculture and that is the Data and Information Systems concentration of the Agricultural Systems Management major.

The Purdue Polytechnic offers a B.S. in Unmanned Aerial Systems as well as a Minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems.

  • ABE 20500 Computations for Engineering Systems
  • ABE 30100 Numerical and Computational Modeling in Biological Engineering
  • ABE 31400 Design of Electronic Systems
  • ABE 46000 Sensors and Process Control
  • AGEC 20201 Introduction To Data Analytics For Agricultural Business
  • AGEC 30500 Agricultural Prices
  • AGEC 32100 Principles of Commodity Marketing
  • AGEC 35200 Quantitative Techniques for Firm Decision Making
  • AGEC 42100 Advanced Commodity Marketing
  • AGEC 45100 Applied Econometrics
  • AGRY 44400 Weather Analysis and Forecasting
  • AGRY 48500 Precision Crop Management
  • ANSC 31100 Animal Breeding
  • Application in Data Science
  • ASM 10500 Ag Systems Computations and Communications
  • AT 31900 Unmanned Aerial Systems Applications, Data, and Documentation
  • BTNY 30200 Plant Ecology
  • Data and Information Science
  • ENTM 24200 Introduction to Data Science
  • ENTM 30100 Experimentation and Analysis
  • ENTM 41000 Applied Insect Biology
  • ENTM 41001 Insects of Urban Landscapes
  • ENTM 41002 Insects of Agricultural Crops
  • FNR 21000 Natural Resource Information Management
  • FNR 34800 Wildlife Investigation Techniques
  • FNR 35500 Quantitative Methods for Resource Management
  • FNR 35700 Fundamental Remote Sensing
  • FNR 35900 Spatial Ecology and GIS
  • FNR 38400 Statistics for Natural Resources
  • FS 44400 Statistical Process Control
  • ILS 29500 Introduction to Data Management
  • PHIL 20700 Ethics for Technology, Engineering, and Design
  • PHIL 29000 Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 29300 Ethics of Data Science
  • STAT 30100 Elementary Statistical Methods
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Major
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Minor

Graduate Education

At the graduate level, Purdue Agriculture offers a graduate certificate in Spatial Data Science that is 100% online delivery.

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Purdue also offers a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Information Science (GIS) through Purdue Libraries and School of Information Studies.


  • ABE 52500 Irrigation Management and Design
  • ABE 52700 Computer Models in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
  • ABE 53100 Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
  • ABE 65100 Environmental Informatics
  • AGEC 50600 Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis
  • AGEC 51600 Mathematical Tools for Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • AGEC 55200 Introduction to Mathematical Programming
  • AGRY 53000 Advanced Plant Genetics
  • AGRY 54500 Remote Sensing of Land Resources
  • AGRY 60000 Genomics
  • AGRY 61100 Quantitative Genetics
  • AGRY 64100 Statistical Hydrology
  • ANSC 51100 Population Genetics
  • ASM 54000 Geographic Information System Applications
  • BCHM 61200 Bioinformatic Analysis of Genome Scale Data
  • BIOL 59500 High Performance Computing for Life Science
  • BTNY 53500 Plant Disease Management
  • ECE 57000 Artificial Intelligence
  • ECE 57700 Engineering Aspects of Remote Sensing
  • FNR 55800 Remote Sensing Analysis and Applications
  • HORT 55100 Plant Responses to the Environment
  • ILS 59500 Information Strategies for Science, Technology, and Engineering Research
  • MGMT 56100 Logistics
  • MGMT 57100 Data Mining

Professional Courses

Purdue's Agronomy E-Learning Academy offers courses delivered 100% online for agriculture professionals, including a Precision Agriculture course.

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Extension UAV Training Program

Interested in becoming a Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) remote pilot or already flying without the required Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certification?

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Digital Agriculture Curriculum

Purdue Extension’s Digital Agriculture Curriculum prepares participants for future employment in agriculture through a mixture of presentations and experiential learning, with a focus on experiential learning in precision agriculture technology.

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