Alumni Close-Up: A Home Field Advantage


The thing about being an entrepreneur, or a visionary of any sort, is that sometimes your ideas will seem ridiculous. At first.

Neil Mylet (BS ’08, ag econ) is used to that. As an entrepreneur, he says, “You have to want to go against everything you’ve been taught but also utilize everything you’ve been taught.”

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The view ahead – summer 2022

Dean Karen Plaut

This year we celebrate five years of publishing Envision with the goal of highlighting Purdue Agriculture’s distinctive strengths and global impact. Purdue Agriculture is ranked #8 in the world and #4 in the U.S. because we ask and then seek to answer tough questions. In this magazine, we share stories that are in the news or soon will be, covering difficult and sometimes controversial topics our college is working to address.

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Stopping a Cereal Killer

corn field

The spots first appeared on the Wappels’ farm in September 2018, late in the growing season. Eric Wappel snapped photos of corn leaves flecked with constellations of tiny, black bumps. A third-generation grower, Wappel was familiar with the symptoms of gray leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight on the 9,000 acres he farms with his father and brother outside San Pierre in northwest Indiana. This, he did not recognize.

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Meet the New Meat


As consumers explore the array of options available to them in grocery aisles, some are trying new meat alternatives, from plant based brands such as Beyond and Impossible to updated takes on the traditional veggie burger. These novel options may be just the start of a new wave of alternative proteins, born in the laboratory and coming soon to a grocery aisle near you.

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What consumers want

woman at grocery store

The Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability (CFDAS), led by Jayson Lusk, head and distinguished professor of agricultural economics, launched its monthly Consumer Food Insights report in February, identifying trends and changes in consumer food purchases and preferences. Each month, CFDAS surveys 1,200 households from across the U.S., measuring food security and spending, consumer satisfaction and values, support of agricultural and food policies, and trust in information sources.

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Bringing new foods and beverages to market

Dharmendra Mishra

Taking a food or beverage from idea to commercialization involves many steps. The new Food Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Institute (FEMI), housed in the Department of Food Science, aims to provide support along the way as entrepreneurs and companies venture to bring a product to market.

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