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Jemima Baributsa

I always loved mathematics, and ag econ was a way I could apply math to help me visualize how changes in quantities and formulas had ramifications on standards of living and government policies.

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Then & Now

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In the fall of 2021, the Natural Resources and Environmental Science program commemorated a half-century of making the earth a better place during its 50th anniversary celebration. One of the program’s earliest graduates became an award-winning professor in the College of Agriculture, and one of its most recent graduates now works as an environmental planner. Read on to find out how the program led them down different paths.

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Improving hellbender habitats


A $2.7 million grant is funding a Purdue-led partnership to improve Indiana’s only remaining habitat for hellbender salamanders — four counties in the south central region — by expanding the use of agricultural conservation practices to decrease sedimentation in local river systems.

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