The Big Idea: Global partnerships

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The College of Agriculture develops collaborations with partners around the world through International Programs in Agriculture, ongoing research with academic mentors, shared interests and expertise discovered at conferences or via colleagues, global fellowships and so on.

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Then & Now

Sofía Gómez and Celina Gómez

Before coming to Purdue, Celina Gómez and Sofía Gómez earned their bachelor’s degrees in agricultural sciences and production from Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School in Honduras.

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The inside scoop on Purdue’s new ice cream

two people in a lab pouring caramel

What’s international about ice cream, you ask? Variations of the sweet treat are loved around the world, so we can’t resist sharing Purdue’s new ice cream flavor, Boiler Chips. Developed at the request of Purdue President Mung Chiang by Purdue’s Food Entrepreneurship Manufacturing Institute (FEMI) and led by FEMI students, the new flavor and its packaging design are out of this world.

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