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Man sitting high up in a tree, strapped in.
Purdue launches new AI-based global forest mapping project

Purdue University’s Jingjing Liang has received a two-year, $870,000 grant from the World...

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Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative contributing research team, led by Ferry Slik (far right), collects field data on local species richness in Brunei.
Analysis of global tree population explains baffling trends in species richness

Local species richness, the number of species that coexist in a local community, is a key measure...

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Purdue College of Agriculture.
Science-i beta is now online

Science-i, a transparent and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) web...

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Trees in the forest during Fall season, view from above
First-of-its-kind estimate of the total number of tree species

One person can’t measure all the trees in the world, but when many people come together, a...

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Pandemic Lessons: Open Data for Forest and Climate Action

The article is authored by four members of the National Forest Monitoring (NFM) Team from...

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Nature paper offers global map to understand changing forests

An international collaboration of hundreds of scientists – led in part by the Forest...

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