Advanced Credit Examination (ACE) Program

Registration is open from October 1, 2018 to February 1, 2019!

The Advanced Credit program offered through the College of Agriculture is based on student learning outcomes and performance through a college-led assessment process. 

This will permit Indiana students to complete a prescribed course of study, learn the material, and take an examination in an effort to earn credit in a specific College of Agriculture course. Students who successfully master the course learning outcomes, pass this examination, and are matriculated to any Purdue University campus, will earn credit for the course(s).  Students not planning to matriculate to Purdue University will have a student record (Purdue transcript) created only for the purpose of awarding the Advanced Credit that can then be applied as Transfer Credit to another institution. 


  • Animal Science
  • Plant Science
  • Food Science


Students interested in pursuing Advanced Credit through the Purdue University College of Agriculture must be enrolled high school students in the state of Indiana.  Students are encouraged to have completed high school Biology and Chemistry, as these skill sets will aid the student in successful pursuit of the advanced credit. Purdue University places no expectation upon high school Agriculture teachers to provide instruction for the ACE Program. Students enrolled in high school Advanced Life Sciences courses may elect to participate in the ACE Program, but please know that the course materials for the ACE Program are not aligned with the high school curriculum.

1.     Students request access to the Advanced Credit website below, including selecting their preferred examination location.

2.     Students will receive an email within 5 business days that provides them access to the materials from the Advanced Credit website.  

3.     Students study the materials provided and prepare for the exam. 
(Note to Students:  This is a SELF-STUDY program.  You are expected to review the materials and prepare for the examination individually.)

4.     Students complete examination on registered date at designated testing center.

5.     Students receive confirmation from Purdue University College of Agriculture of examination results.  If credit is earned, instructions on how to request a Purdue University transcript will be included. 

FAQs & Helpful Tips

  • When are the dates for the 2019 Advanced Credit Exams?
    • ​Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 1-2:30pm
    • Monday, April 8, 2019 at 4:30-6pm
    • Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 10-11:30am
    • Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 10-11:30am
  • Where does the exam take place?
    The 2019 exams will take place on Purdue’s campus in Pfendler Hall, room 241. The exact address is 715 W State St, West Lafayette, IN, 47907.
  • Does a student have to attend Purdue University to receive credit for the Advanced Credit Examination?  
    No.  All students who successfully pass the ACE Program will receive credit on an official Purdue University transcript. 
  • Do these credits transfer to other institutions (outside of Purdue University)?  
    It is the responsibility of the student to contact the institution to determine if these credits will transfer to their selected institution(s).  All credits earned through the ACE Program will be posted on an official Purdue University transcript. 
  • How does the student request a transcript?  
    Students who successfully earn credit will be notified by the ACE Program Coordinator, and instructions will be provided. 
  • May a student attempt multiple Advanced Credit examinations?  
    A student may attempt an ACE Program examination for any/all of the Purdue University courses offered. However, a student may only attempt one exam per examination date.
  • May a student repeat an examination?  
    No.  A student may not take an exam more than once (regardless of year).  This follows existing Purdue University policy and practice with comparable types of advanced credit testing. 
  • What score do students need to earn in order to pass the Advanced Credit examination?  
    Depending on the exam, students must earn a minimum 65-70% on the ACE Program exam to earn credit.  
  • Is this dual credit? 
    No, Advanced Credit is not dual credit.  These exams are not tied to a high school course curriculum, and do not require that the student be enrolled in a specific high school course.  Purdue University does not expect, nor require, that High School teachers provide any instruction to students in regard to the Advanced Credit Examination Program.  Advanced Credit examinations are open to all Indiana high school students, regardless of enrollment in a high school agriculture curriculum. 
  • How do students become eligible to participate? 
    Students must complete the interest form below.  Only those students who receive direct communication from the ACE Program Coordinator are eligible to participate. 
  • How long does it take to prepare for the examination?
    The courses offered through the ACE Program are full-semester (16 week) courses at the Purdue University campus.  Students should plan to spend adequate time to prepare for success – early registration is strongly encouraged to allow adequate preparation time for the exam. 
  • Will students receive notifications from Purdue University?
    Students will be contacted within five (5) business days of form submission to confirm registration and gain access to teaching materials online. They will also receive emails on a monthly basis with reminders and helpful tips for success. They will also receive an exam reminder typically 1-3 days prior to their scheduled exam.
  • What is the timeline for the ACE Program?
    Oct 1 through Feb 1 - Students may sign up for the ACE Program and receive access to course materials
    Mar 1  - Deadline for registered students to submit $55 exam fee online
    Late March through Late April – ACE exams take place on various dates
    May 1 – Students will be notified of their score
    Early to mid-summer – Students who passed ACE will be able to request transcript of course credit from Purdue
  • How much does Advanced Credit cost?
    $55.00. Starting August 2017, Purdue University has implemented a fee for any non-Purdue student wishing to take a “credit by examination” exam; this includes the Advanced Credit Examinations that high school students take.  Although the three ACE courses offered through Purdue Agriculture remain free of charge for the students, there is now a university charge of $55.00 non-refundable fee to take the exam. After the application closes on February 1, 2019, those students that have applied will be generated a bill. Students will need to pay the examination fee before they are allowed to take the Advanced Credit Examination. Below, you will find the excerpt from the University on the new testing few:  “The University provides credit by examination services for current and admitted Purdue students and non-Purdue students. Most of these tests [including ACE] have been free of charge and departments have been absorbing the cost of administering the exams. The purpose of establishing a fee is to assist the colleges/units who administer the exams recover some of the cost associated with hiring staff to proctor the exams. Colleges/units will likely be subsidizing the rate based on actual costs.”​


Any questions related to the Purdue University College of Agriculture Advanced Credit program may be addressed to: 

The Advanced Credit Examination (ACE) program, offered through Purdue University’s College of Agriculture, is open only to Indiana high school students.  ACE is based on student learning outcomes and performance through a college-led assessment process.  This will permit Indiana students to complete a prescribed course of study, learn the material, and take an examination at the end of the academic year, in an effort to earn credit in a specific College of Agriculture course.  Students who successfully master the course learning outcomes and complete this examination, and are matriculated to any Purdue University campus, will earn credit for the course(s).  Students not planning to matriculate to Purdue University will have a student record (Purdue Transcript) created only for the purpose of awarding the Advanced Credit that can then be applied as Transfer Credit to another institution.​ Deadline to register is February 1, 2019.

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