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January 24, 2022

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Rosie Lerner-retired, Purdue University, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Cyclamen is just about perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting with its heart shaped leaves, adorned by lovely flowers in white and many shades of pink, red and lavender. The flowers have a striking form, likened to butterflies, birds in flight and even falling stars, depending on who is doing the looking. And if the plants weren't already attractive enough, the leaves are finely detailed with silvery or light-green markings.

Cyclamen are most-often stocked in large, showy size but mini-cyclamen is also available. Look under the leaves, and choose plants with the largest number of flower buds. To enjoy their beauty well into spring, provide cyclamen with bright light and cool temperatures - about 65º F during the day and even cooler at night, if possible. Water thoroughly when the top layer of soil begins to feel dry to the touch.

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