General Photo Tips

You can help us by following these guidelines:

  • Photos that look out of focus to you will not be helpful to us.
  • Send up to 9 images per sample/question.
  • When possible, please include a size reference such as a pen, ruler or a coin.
  • For plant identifications, please include a photo of the whole plant, as well as close-ups of plant parts (leaves, flower, roots, fruit, seeds, etc.).
  • As with actual samples, please include as much additional information as possible such as: planting date, age of plant, chemicals used, number of plants affected, where found, patterns, when symptoms were first noticed, etc.
  • Download our image guide for Tree Diagnosis​ 
  • Download our image guide for Turf Diagnosis
  • Download our image guide for Insect Diagnosis
tree pictures Tree Pictures for Diagnosis
turf pictures Turf Pictures for Diagnosis
insect pictures Insect Pictures for Diagnosis
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